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Chiefs GM Brett Veach Talks Draft Prep, Jokes About "Wearing Out" Andy Reid

Veach and his staffs are preparing for next week’s NFL Draft

On Friday, Kansas City Chiefs general manager Brett Veach took a break from preparing for next week's NFL Draft to speak with the media.

He started his press conference by explaining the work he and his staff have been putting in over the last few months. 

"There's so much work that goes into this whole draft process and setting the draft board," Veach explained. "You start with 400-500 players and then you narrow it down to around 160. I've said this from the time I took this job, I'm very fortunate to have this group of scouts. I've worked with these guys for the last five years, know them very well, trust them and the amount of time they spend on the road away from their families—I just can't thank them enough, and I know they're as excited as I am for this process."

Veach, who has shown to be aggressive since first taking over as general manager last summer, also spoke about his relationship with head coach Andy Reid, which goes back to their days working together with Philadelphia Eagles.

"I have been around him a lot…been around his offenses and defenses a long time," Veach explained. "It helps with that trust factor (we have). I think [Reid] knows I'm really prepared. If we are going to talk about our roster, a free agency plan, an offseason plan, a draft—we speak the same language, and he knows if I am going to come to him with a pocket of players or an idea of how I think we can get better.

"He knows the homework is going to be done and I am going to bring him a lot of information."

And when it comes to the work he and his staff are doing right now preparing for the draft, Veach joked about *exactly *how aware Reid is of what they're doing.  

"Oh, I will wear him out," Veach laughed. "He will tell you, I will wear him out. The one draft where LeSean McCoy came out, I think I sent him highlights every day for 10 days straight. He got the picture."

Veach continued speaking about that dynamic he has with Reid. 

"I don't know. I just wear him out," he added. "Trust your abilities and trust the scouts around you and trust the process. He knows that when you bring something to him, it's not going to just be one player. You are going to look at the whole. You aren't going to look at two or three guys at one position, you are going to look at all those guys. 

"You are going to trim the fat and give him what you believe is best for the Chiefs."

Veach and his staff have spent the past few months trimming the fat on this draft, and there's little doubt that by the time Thursday rolls around, they'll be prepared.

"By the time the draft is here, we've watched 10 games on every single player on our draft board," Veach explained. "We have a bunch of really good guys who know what they are talking about…it's their work ethic and ability to process and retain information—there's a lot that goes into it."

The Chiefs head into next week's draft with eight picks as it stands today, and Veach explained that while we might not know the names or the positions they'll address yet, there will be a few common elements among all the guys they bring into the organization. 

"We are looking for guys that bring a temperament with them," Veach explained. "Tough football players, guys that love the process, and guys who want to be a members of the Kingdom."

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