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Chiefs Head Athletic Trainer Rick Burkholder Talks RB Jamaal Charles

Burkholder spoke with the media on Wednesday

"Alright, just to give you a little information on Jamaal – as all of you saw, he got hurt in the game on Sunday, his right knee on that jump-cut.

"We told you guys that the MRI revealed that he had a torn ACL. He's been through this before, he had the torn ACL in 2011 on the left side. As ACLs go, it's a pretty common injury in the National Football League and in all sports. They're all different and the fact that he's been through this before helps him in the rehab process.

"There's a lot of factors that go into it – the physician that does the surgery, the person rehabilitating him, the athlete, the athlete's position, all that kind of stuff.

"I would caution you in trying to compare the last injury to this one and who's made it back and how fast they've made it back and all that. We'll go through that over the next six-to-nine months with Jamaal. He's in a really good place mentally because he's been through this before. We've got a plan in place where we've talked to the physician, Dr. (James) Andrews, who did his surgery in the past, and it looks like he's leaning that way, to go back down there and get it operated on by him again.

"He and I will get to work, he's already been through some rehab sessions here to get ready. He's really in a really good place right now, considering everything that's happened just a couple days ago."

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