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Chiefs in the Community Part V: Going Green

The Chiefs organization is making an effort to go green

Extra Yard for the Environment

Throughout the season, the Chiefs continued implementing green initiatives and finding new ways to take care of the community and the evironment.

On game days at Arrowhead Stadium, you may have noticed the blue trash bags, the red Bud Light bins or a number of other ways that make it easy for fans to recycle.

During the season, the Chiefs encourage fans to participate in the recycling programs while tailgating, in the stadium and after the game. The Chiefs lso promote environmental responsibility through the Extra Yard for the Environment program.

The program has implemented new green policies for the Chiefs while raising awareness for green efforts at Arrowhead Stadium, The University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex and for fans at home.

For the past two years, the Chiefs have held a recycling drive that provides a place for the community to recycle itsunwanted items, such as old computers, bathtubs, lumber, cable boxes, clothes and more.

"We had our recycling allies at Arrowhead for the event, so fans could bring their items from home to be recycled in an environmentally responsible manner," director of facilities Brandon Hamilton commented. "The materials we have typically accepted have varied from electronics to plastics to scrap metals. Plus, Goodwill has accepted household items and clothing and Habitat for Humanity Re Store took architectural salvaged items."


Another way the Chiefs helped the community and the environment was through community service at Kessler Park. In November, 45 members of the Chiefs staff and 10 cheerleaders headed over to the park to clear trash and plant trees.

In all, the group planted 40 trees and collected almost 2,000 pounds of trash, old tires and debris that had accumulated in the park. They also cleared out honeysuckle that had taken over parts of the park.

Kansas City Chiefs staff and cheerleaders help clean up Kessler Park

To learn more about the Extra Yard for the Environment or to find out how you can get involved, visit

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