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Chiefs Mailbag 8/19: Will Derrick Johnson have a big year?

Answering questions from Chiefs Kingdom

You ask, I answer.

Kevin from Oakland asks: Is this year's team the best you've seen since Reid has taken over?


It's definitely a team that seems to be much faster on both sides of the ball. Both coach Reid and general manager John Dorsey have talked about the added athleticism of this year's team.

It's hard to say a team is better because the only thing that really determines whether a team is good or not is how many games they win. We won't really know anything until the season is over. I know that's not much of an answer but there is so much that can happen, and we saw last year with the injuries in that first game against the Titans that anything can happen.

On paper, this team is ridiculously talented and has all the pieces in place to achieve the goals they've set for themselves, which starts with an AFC West title.

But I'd say there's an appropriate amount of confidence from this team, and the really intriguing aspect is the veteran leaders and how they guide this ship.

What has most impressed me is to see guys like first-round pick Marcus Peters just seamlessly fall into line with this defense and his veteran teammates. They welcomed him in and he's just part of the family, which isn't just a cliché used by bad sports writers, it's truly how this thing is set up.

The roster cut downs aren't going to be easy because of the depth and competition general manager John Dorsey and his crew have developed. It's a good thing when you make your job harder in that regard, which they've done based on what we've seen at practice and how well those second and third teams looked against the Arizona Cardinals.

The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Arizona Cardinals in week one of the 2015 preseason.

*Keith from Winkler: Given Justin March's injury, does KC find a way to keep him on the roster this year? *

March was having surgery on Wednesday in Kansas City, but I think it's way too early to speculate. The personnel guys still have to evaluate guys on this team who are healthy right now. There are a lot of moving parts and a roster is a very fluid thing, so it's doesn't even have to be known or settled right now.

*Matt from Kansas City: Every day I wake up and Google Reggie Wayne. I know it's unlikely that we get him but I still have hope. How soon until he signs with a team and puts me out of my misery? *

It might be easier to set a google alert for him, that might save you some time. But I'm sorry, I have no idea. Contrary to unpopular belief, I'm not involved in personnel decisions!

Forrest from Abilene: I plan on being at the season opener. Have you already started preparing for the Texans, or will that come later?

I have not yet begun preparing for the Texans, but I'm not sure about the football staff. They seem to be pretty busy with evaluations of the 90 players competing at training camp right now and finding the 53 players who will eventually make up this team when they take on the Texans when you're there cheering them on.

Will be great to see Chiefs Kingdom represented down in Houston. See you there!

*Jake from La Vista: Will Derrick Johnson have a big year at the linebacker spot and how has he bounced back from his injury early on? *

I've talked with Derrick Johnson quite a bit about this and he's said that he feels 100 percent physically, but that he just needed to mentally get back to game speed, which is why these preseason games are so important to him.  

You can catch much of my interview with him where we talk about this below:



Ryan from Galveston: What's the best part of the preseason games for you?

I grew up going to Arrowhead Stadium with my dad and many of those years were during Trent Green's time in Kansas City. So working with him for the preseason broadcasts is fantastic, and he's also one of the best color analysts in the business so it's nice to learn from him.

We're lucky to have him call the games for us during these first four, and having the chance to be around him a little bit has been pretty cool as well.

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