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Chiefs Mailbag: Davis and Charles in Backfield Together?

Answering questions from Chiefs Kingdom

You asked, I answered.

Curtis from Greenville: What do you think about putting Knile Davis and Jamaal Charles in the backfield at the same time with Charles going out for passes every time?

If you do the same thing over and over, defenses will quickly figure it out and take that option away. There isn't an offensive scheme that can't be stopped, but mixing things up with play calling and personnel groups keeps the defense guessing as to what you're trying to do as an offense, and it's one of Chiefs coach Andy Reid's strengths.

The Chiefs used eight different personnel groupings against the Patriots, and the most often used grouping was with three wide receivers (11 personnel), and they still only used it 22 percent of the time.**


Harvey from Fontana: Are you surprised about Allen Bailey's break out season?

Not particularly, I trusted what defensive coordinator Bob Sutton told me at training camp regarding Bailey.

"He made a big improvement a year ago as the season went along—recognition, instincts, all those things. His arrow is pointing up and he's got a chance to really take off I think. He's got a great work ethic, he loves to play and he's got some really good skill. So we're all really excited about him and I think he's just going to get better and better."

Bailey changed his body over the offseason and gained some weight to be able to anchor better against the run, and we've seen that from him so far this season.

Tarquin from Kansas: Have the expectations changed surrounding this team?

If you ask the players, the expectations were always high.

Even after they struggled in Week 1 against the Tennessee Titans, they said it was simply one game. But that's also the same attitude they had on Monday after their big win over the New England Patriots: it was just one game. Their attitude is consistent, which is a direct reflection of how coach Reid carries himself every day.

Fans may be more optimistic after a couple of good performances, but inside the locker room, they've always believed in themselves.

Back at practice on Wednesday at the University of Kansas Training Facility, Chiefs working on preparation for San Francisco


Sully from Virginia: Was the Dontari Poe heavy formation (lined up at fullback on offense) and ensuing block on Patriots NT Vince Wilfork the passing of the torch to the best NT in football?

It was a pretty cool thing to see Chiefs Pro Bowl nose tackle Dontari Poe line up at fullback on the goal line last Monday night.

The fact that he was tasked with blocking one of the best nose tackles in the game on the play in Patriots five-time Pro Bowler Vince Wilfork, made it that much better. I don't think there's such a thing as passing on the torch in this case, but both teams have fantastic play in the middle from their big men. 

Wilfork has been doing it a long time as the Patriots first-round pick back in 2004, and Poe picked up his first Pro Bowl honor in just his second season, while it took Wilfork four years to earn that distinction.

Zack from Springfield: Can you ask Alex Smith to throw two touchdowns to Travis Kelce? I have him on my fantasy team.

I'll let him know.

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