Chiefs Open the Doors to Offseason Program

The team's mindset is much different, better in 2013

What a difference an offseason makes.

Walking down to the University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex on Monday to hear from Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and a few of his players, as they began phase one of the team's offseason training program, was rejuvenating.

"It's good to get everybody back in the building today and start the offseason program," said coach Reid.

"These are not mandatory workouts, so it was good to see the turnout that we had and the effort that the guys put in, not only in the meeting room, but also in the weight room and in the conditioning program. So, they're in the right frame of mind to start this off and I do not doubt that they're going to work hard to get better. And from a coaching standpoint, that's all you can ask."

What fans have been asking for is their football team to restore the winning ways of the past. Coach Reid was brought in for such a mission and believes his players are of the similar mindset, work hard and win.

"I think the players, they're receptive and I think that's shown by the turnout," coach Reid admitted.

"And then if you would have been able to watch them work today, you would have seen the same thing in that they approach it with the same aggressive, workman-like attitude and I appreciate that."

It's not just the players who are hard at work; Coach Reid and his staff continue to work countless hours forming the plan for 2013, which also depends on another vital member of this proud franchise.

"I'm glad (Chiefs GM) John Dorsey is here," said coach Reid.

"John is heading up the personnel department and leading the charge to that number one pick. We obviously meet every day and talk through things and that's a big part of this. Also, teaching these kids what you expect on the football field, I think, is very important and that's a part of it."

It's no secret that failing to communicate is often times a pitfall in failed relationships; that won't be a problem with the 2013 Kansas City Chiefs, including new free agents like CB Dunta Robinson, who is a big proponent of talking both with players and coaches alike, often.

"Pretty regularly," Dunta Robinson said.

"I've talked to those guys on a regular basis. I've talked to Andy (Reid) on a regular basis. We've been in constant communication. I think that's what it's going to take in order to turn this thing around."

The fans are counting on it.

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