Chiefs' Pro Bowlers Bring NFL's Play 60 to Orlando

Several Chiefs helped lead clinics during Pro Bowl Week in Florida Thursday afternoon


The NFL's Play 60 program continued Thursday afternoon following the conclusion of AFC practices in the morning.

Kansas City Chiefs Pro Bowlers D.J. Alexander, Dustin Colquitt and Travis Kelce all participated in a clinic designed to keep the mission of Play 60, encouraging kids to be active for 60 minutes a day, strong in the city of Orlando, Florida. 

"It's awesome to see that the programs are doing well everywhere—everywhere that I've been," Colquitt said. "We stay in Florida a little while in the offseason and there's programs alive down in the gulf of Florida and down here in Orlando, alive and well."


Photos of the players, staff, and cheerleaders at the Pro Bowl in Orlando


Colquitt is a well-known backer of Play 60 programs around the Kansas City metro area.

"It's just cool to see different kids that are getting preached the same message," Colquitt added. "They're grabbing hold of it and they're a healthier generation because of it."

Colquitt also enjoyed seeing a rookie in Alexander participate in the clinic, as he knows from experience there is a lot you can take from a Pro Bowl week.

"This is big for him to see," Colquitt said. "I remember the first time I went to the Pro Bowl—a lot goes into it because when you're spending time with these guys, you steal something from their playbook, something that made them successful, something that maybe you didn't think of, so this is a great opportunity to get in there and really get involved with other players and see how they're successful as well." 

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