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Chiefs QB Aaron Murray Takes Advantage at Friday's Practice

While veterans Alex Smith and Chase Daniel got the day off, Aaron Murray took advantage

Coming into his second season, the Kansas City Chiefs fifth-round pick out of Georgia in the 2014 NFL Draft, quarterback Aaron Murray, is confident heading into his second training camp.

"It's about mastering the playbook now," Murray explained. "Trying to show the coaches that I can take what they taught me last year and have that translate over with the knowledge of the playbook, my footwork, things like that.

"I want to show them that I've worked on those things during the offseason and that I'm moving in the right direction."


Murray had the opportunity to show coach Andy Reid and company his development during Friday morning's practice as veterans Alex Smith and Chase Daniel were given the day off.

This meant Murray was given all the reps at quarterback, which is something he took advantage of.

"It was awesome," Murray explained, "because probably starting tomorrow, my reps are going to be cut down a lot. Alex [Smith] obviously gets the majority of the time, then Chase [Daniel], and then I'm after that. So to get a day where I was getting all the reps really helps with timing. It helps with confidence, too.

"I have certain routes I haven't thrown a lot, so to be able to rep them out a little bit gives you some confidence going out there and competing the rest of the time."

Because Murray was the only quarterback taking reps, that meant a lot of individual instruction from the coaching staff in between plays and positional periods.


"After each play, coach Reid was giving me little tips," he explained. "Then, in between periods, I had [quarterbacks coach] Matt Nagy and [offensive coordinator] Doug Pederson coming up to me and saying what to work on between periods.

"I think it was a huge day for me. I definitely enjoyed it."

Although he enjoyed all the reps, Murray was going to wait and see how his arm feels tomorrow after making all the throws.

"I made a lot of throws today so we'll see how the arm feels later," he said laughingly. "But, right now, I'm definitely very happy with the amount of reps I got today."

One noticeable difference for Murray throughout OTAs and practice on Friday was the lack of a knee brace, which he wore last year at camp as he was just a few months removed from knee surgery to fix a torn ACL suffered during his senior season at Georgia.

Quarterback Aaron Murray solo QB'd practice on the final day of pre-training camp practice.

"It feels so much better," Murray noted. "The brace was great last year just because of where I was at in recovery, but obviously not having it on has been fantastic. Just being able to be free, move around and not feeling restricted.

"It's nice to be fully healthy, going out there to compete and do everything I need to do."

The rest of Murray's teammates arrived on Friday afternoon as the Chiefs prepare for their first team practice coming on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. You can find all training camp information at

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