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Chiefs Quarterbacks Learn from Each Other's Mistakes

They might be competing for playing time and roster spots, but the Chiefs quarterbacks learn from and help one another

The first three preseason games have been full of ups and downs for the Kansas City Chiefs offense.

On the positive side, the tight end group has solidified itself as a legitimate threat in the passing game. But on the negative side, the offensive line has given up 14 sacks.


While the offense has seen some success moving the ball between the 20-yard lines, costly penalties, turnovers and struggles in the red zone have left a few question marks heading into the regular season. 

Together, Chiefs quarterbacks are 58 of 92 (63 percent) for 650 yards with three touchdowns and five interceptions through three preseason games.

After practice on Tuesday, Alex Smith spoke to the development process of how all four quarterbacks learn from one another when a mistake is made on the field.

"It happens the moment the play is over," Smith said. "The quarterback comes off to the sideline. We're all there. We're all talking about what we're seeing and going over the pictures."

Smith said that process carries over to the next day.

"We all come in [and] watch the film together," Smith explained. "You're trying to understand the thought process behind what you [or another quarterback] did, improve it and move on. You kind of stick it in the back of your head and hopefully one day down the line, if that comes up again, you got that there and you can go to it."

While the quarterback play has been inconsistent, that doesn't mean there hasn't been development in each of these players—even if it's something not reflected in a box score.

"I think these guys have had a great camp," Smith said. "We've all had our moments and we've all had some mistakes. Those guys have had limited opportunities. It's tough when you're only getting a couple drives here and there."

As the starter and leader of the group, Smith knows different quarterbacks learn in different ways. He remembers as a young player what that development was like and what to do now that he's in a position to help others in the same situation.

Best photos of the Chiefs quarterbacks from Training Camp.

"I've played with a lot of quarterbacks over the years—old and young and in between," Smith said. "I've learned a lot from all of them and some more than others. Some you learn from watching and just seeing how they play and others you learn from vocalizing and coming off the field and talking to them."

While he's willing to help whenever he's needed, Smith said it's important to not throw too much at a young player.

"Certainly when I do see something or an opportunity presents itself to say something to those guys, I take it," Smith explained. "But sometimes you don't want to overload them either. They've got a lot going on and you just want to let them play sometimes."

Coach Reid said on Tuesday that Chase Daniel will start and play the first quarter against the Green Bay Packers. Tyler Bray and Aaron Murray will follow and finish out the game.

While it hasn't been perfect for the Chiefs offense so far this preseason, the good news is these quarterbacks are genuinely trying to help each other improve.

That's all you can ask for at this point.

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