Chiefs Rank Among League's Best in NFL.com Offseason Power Rankings

With the Super Bowl over, the league website has already turned the page to the offseason



After ESPN slotted the Kansas City Chiefs ninth earlier this week, the NFL came out with its own version of offseason Power Rankings, placing Kansas City two spots ahead at No. 7.

NFL Network and NFL.com analyst Elliot Harrison pens the rankings for the league website.

"The 10-game win streak to end the regular season was awesome," wrote Harrison. "The 30-zip shellacking of the Texans – in Houston – was awesome, too. So what can the Chiefs do to avoid the not-awesome start they had in 2015? Keep Jamaal Charles healthy is the knee-jerk answer – but wait, Kansas City was 1-4 with him in the lineup. O-line help is where it is at for this team. And it wouldn't hurt to get a little help at inside linebacker, where Derrick Johnson heads toward Year 12. Still, nice season, *#ChiefsKingdom"*

Only three AFC teams rank ahead of the Chiefs according to Harrison—the Pittsburgh Steelers (No. 6), the New England Patriots (No. 3) and the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos (No. 1).

The Chiefs finished 2015 with an 11-5 record and the fifth seed in the AFC.

Read the full list of the NFL Power Rankings with descriptions for all 32 teams here.

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