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Chiefs Rookie Minicamp Day Two Recap

News and notes from Sunday’s rookie minicamp practice


The Kansas City Chiefs were back to work on Sunday with their second practice of rookie minicamp.

Here's what you need to know:

Nuts and Bolts

  • After this morning's walkthrough, a handful of players spoke with the media
  • Chiefs once again started the afternoon's scripted practice with special teams, moved to the positional period and then did team work
  • The Chiefs had 68 players on the field participating for Sunday afternoon's practice
  • Offensive lineman Kelvin Palmer was at rookie minicamp today after missing yesterday
  • The wind was an issue on Sunday, making it difficult for anything that flew through the air to stay straight
  • While milder than Saturday afternoon's practice, there was still some humidity to go along with 80-plus-degree temperatures

Quote(s) of the Day

Tight end James O'Shaughnessy on knocking himself out of a game on special team's last year:"Earlier in the season in our one loss game, I chose not to go in on a kickoff and I told myself if we had an opportunity like that, I wasn't going to let it happen again because they ended up scoring on that kickoff. We lost the game. And so with a 1:20 in the game, (2014 FCS) National Title game, I wasn't going to allow that to happen again. Obviously we were up at that point and I wanted to make sure I made a play, which I did. I'll take the tackle, but I kind of wish I had a little bit of a better form tackle so I didn't knock myself out."

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Linebacker Sage Harold on working out with Tamba Hali last week: "I'm an outside backer, so the coach said, 'Outside backers go to the middle of the field and work hands.' So I went over there and they were showing me how to do it and then Tamba worked with me hands-on with it. So that was a very, very humbling experience."

Tight end Steven Borden on being the son of legendary pro wrestler, Sting: "I'm used to it. I was born into it. But he's always kind of pushed me to do what I want to do and make a name for myself outside of what he's done. So that's been the goal my entire life – not really to follow in his footsteps necessarily career-wise, but to kind of make my own name."

Defensive Lineman Rakeem Nunez-Roches on what he's brought from college that's helped him:"Really just to grind. It's still football, it's still what you've been doing this whole time. Don't lose your swagger, just continue doing what you've been doing."

Linebacker Ramik Wilson on the Chiefs depth chart at linebacker: "I already knew beforehand, they already have a Pro Bowler in Derrick (Johnson) and Josh (Mauga) is a great linebacker and the rest of the crew. So I've been with the vets, I met with them. We've got a good relationship going. They're trying to help me learn and I'm just going to try and find my role and keep practicing hard."

Linebacker D.J. Alexander on where he gets his competitiveness:"It's just my heart. I've always played like that. Growing up, I was at first the youngest one and couldn't really play football, but once I got that chance, I just kind of took off from there and that aggressiveness never went away."

Outside on the field for the second day of Rookie Mini Camp

Play(s) of the Day

A handful of athletic plays were made on Sunday afternoon.

(Disclaimer on top plays: they were in shorts and there's little contact)

Maybe the best run of the day came from Stanford running back Ricky Seale, who put on a nice jump-cut in the open field to create a running lane for himself in team drills.

Kenny Cook from Gardner-Webb made a nice catch deep down the left sideline early in practice. Cook adjusted to the underthrown pass and came down for a nice reception.

Da'Ron Brown made a really nice catch along the right sideline as he caught the pass off his outside shoulder.

Both Ramik Wilson and Alan Turner made nice interceptions for the defense in team drills.

Cornerback De'Vante Bausby made the top play of the day on an interception deep down the left sideline on a go route that resulted in a jump-ball situation, which Bausby won.

Positional Workout Spotlight

In today's positional group spotlight, let's take a look at a few clips of the Chiefs' rookie defensive backs and receivers getting some work in with their positional coaches.

Rookie Spotlight – Long Snapper Andrew East

During training camp last year, the battle between then-rookie Cairo Santos and veteran Ryan Succop for the kicker spot turned out to be one of the top storylines.

This year, the competition for the long snapper position might be the one to watch.

For the previous seven seasons, the Chiefs had Thomas Gafford handling those duties.

Gafford is now with the Chicago Bears and an opportunity has been presented to the two current long-snappers under contract, James Winchester and Andrew East, and also to Andrew Edmiston, who is trying out with the team this weekend during rookie minicamp.


For East, who played collegiately at Vanderbilt, the decision to sign with the Chiefs as a college free agent after the draft was an easy one.

"It was a pretty easy choice considering the opportunity I had here," East explained. "I came on a visit here and got to meet coach Toub, Olivo and Reid. They were all just great, class-act guys.

"The combination of the opportunity and the coaches here made it a pretty easy choice."

The ability to work with one of the NFL's best special teams coaches in Toub wasn't lost on East.

"He's got a pretty outstanding reputation," East said of Toub. "Around the league, everyone has some great respect for him. Coming here, nothing really changed from that. Awesome guy-- tells you how it is, tells you what he wants, communicates well and also encourages you when you need it."

After being invited to the Reese's Senior Bowl that took place last January in Mobile, Alabama, East took advantage of that opportunity as well and competed in front of the NFL's decision-making world.

He obviously did enough to catch the eye of the Chiefs, who brought him on for a pre-draft visit and signed him soon after the draft had ended.


"There's a few new techniques that I need to learn transitioning from college to the pros," East explained. "So I just want to show coach that I'm capable of making that transition. By no means will I be perfect at it, but I just want to show him 'Hey look, this is my potential and convey to him that he'd be able to use me on Sundays."

East arrived in Kansas City last week and spent the week working out with his new teammates, including punter Dustin Colquitt and kicker Cairo Santos.

"Last week was fun," East said. "As a specialist, I got a little more time, so I spent a little bit of time with Dustin (Colquitt) and Cairo (Santos), getting to know them. Both good guys."

As East continues to work towards his goal of playing in the NFL, he knows he has the support of his longtime girlfriend, former Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson, who as an athlete herself, knows the time commitment it takes to compete at the highest level.

"She's been really supportive," East explained. "It's kind of a crazy business where before the draft, it's like I could be on the east coast, I could be in the Midwest, could be on the west coast. I could be in any of 32 different cities. She's just been really understanding and supportive."

But East said she's happy where he landed.

"She's really excited that I'm here to because she grew up in Western Des Moines, which is two hours away from here. She's enjoying it as much as I am."

For now, East is enjoying his time in a new city.

"It was sweet just getting to wake up and you see the downtown skyline—it's beautiful," he said. "I'm still excited to explore the city a little bit, but I heard great things about both the city and the organization and it's lived up to that so far."


Q: What have you taken away so far?

BORDEN:"It's a completely different ballgame coming here. You've got the best players on the field from college all put on one field here, so it's faster. You've got a lot more to learn. The coaches give you more detail on why you're doing what you're doing. You just have to step up and make plays."

Q: Are you more of an H-back or is it more lined up on the line?

BORDEN:"In college, I had to do both. I even played fullback in college in the backfield, lead blocking. I like doing H-back, I like running downfield and making plays."

Q: You went to Kentucky in 2013, so you played there for two years?

BORDEN:"Right, I was there for two years. I transferred from a junior college in east Texas."

Q: Your dad, people know him. Do any of the guys joke around with you about that?

BORDEN:"I'm used to it by now. You're going to get a couple comments here and there in the locker room. Eventually people just see me as Steven Borden and that's what it is."

Q: So football has always been your thing?

BORDEN:"Since I was about eight years old and he's pushed me to do that. He never really was one of those dads who kind of wanted to push their son into their own deal. He's pushed me in football because he knows that's what I want to do."



Q: Did you and your uncle, Eli Harold (drafted by San Francisco in 2015 NFL Draft), do anything to motivate each other during the season?

HAROLD:"During the season, we would just put like a bet up about who was going to have the best stats after the game and stuff, so we were just pushing each other."

Q: Who won most of those weeks?

HAROLD:"Oh man, I won most of the time."

Q: How do you guys compare physically, who is the better athlete?

HAROLD:"I would say Eli is the better athlete."

Q: Where do you have the edge?

HAROLD:"I'm just hungry. I feel like my motive."

Q: One of the first things that you're probably asked about all the time is Eli. Is it still all love when you get all these questions about your uncle?

HAROLD:"Definitely. It's nothing different. I'm used to it now, so I just go roll with it."

Q: What do people say to you normally when they find out that Eli is your uncle?

HAROLD: "It's so different, a lot of people are like, 'That's your cousin, your brother, your uncle, how does that work?' I'm just like, 'Man, he's my brother, but he's really my uncle.' So I just roll with it."

Q: How did you end up here, why did you decide here with the Chiefs?

HAROLD: "Me and my agent discussed about where I would fit in best at and I talked to Coach (Gary) Gibbs on the last Draft day and I decided I would come here."

Q: Have you had a chance to meet Tamba Hali and Dee Ford yet?

HAROLD: "Oh yeah, definitely. Yes sir. Was able to work hands with those guys throughout the week."



Q: How has the adjustment been to the NFL?

NUNEZ-ROCHES:"They've been teaching me how to be a professional. With Coach Britt (Reid) and Coach Tom (Brasher), they're making it pretty easy, teaching me the plays and breaking it down so it won't be so complex for me."

Q: In the first two days, what's the best advice you've gotten?

NUNEZ-ROCHES:"Really just to forget everything you learned in college. Listen to everything they have to say and soak in the knowledge."

Q: How tough has it been trying to forget everything and start new?

NUNEZ-ROCHES:"It's kind of hard because there are a lot of similarities in the play calling and the techniques. Sometimes you hear certain things and in adjusting you want to do exactly what you've done in college but you have to erase that, you can't just do that. This is a whole different ballgame, another level."

Q: So will you be a 3-techique, not a nose tackle?

NUNEZ-ROCHES: "Right now it's between a big end and a disruptive tackle, so you're playing the 3, but sometimes I go to an end."

Q: Is that at all similar to what you did in school?

NUNEZ-ROCHES:"Yes, because they have me playing everywhere, nose tackle and end, so it's pretty similar."

Q: What would you say is your biggest strength on the football field?

NUNEZ-ROCHES: "My quickness. Quickness off the ball is my biggest strength."



Q: What have the first few days been like for you?

WILSON:"It's something new. Something new I'm getting used to. I'm taking it day by day and learning a lot. I've got great teammates, great vets and everything is going good."

Q: How tough are the first few days?

WILSON:"It's alright. It's been going good. Running new plays and everything and trying to go out and show the coaches that I'm a hard worker, I make plays and I'm trying to help the team."

Q: What is it like having a handful of Georgia guys here like Aaron Murray?

WILSON:"It makes me feel like home. I can go to them for anything or any of my teammates, but Aaron Murray is from my hometown, so I've known him for years. It's great, it's something I enjoy."



Q: Does it help you at all having familiar faces like Steven Nelson, Ty Zimmerman and Michael Doctor from Oregon State here?

ALEXANDER:"Oh, yeah. Having those guys up here is great. Steve is a great player, Michael Doctor and Tyrequek Zimmerman, they were good players playing with in college and to have them up here in rookie camp is great too."

Q: How is this so much different than college?

ALEXANDER:"It's physically and mentally draining. Trying to learn the playbook and get all of these reps in practice, it's physically and mentally draining on your body."

Q: How is it more difficult? Just because it is more different or because there is more information?

ALEXANDER:"It's just more information at one time and then just having to go out there and do it all on the practice field."



Q: So you must be expecting to play a lot of special teams here.

O'SHAUGHNESSY:"Yeah, without a doubt. I'll do whatever they ask me to do, but I plan on making an impact on special teams as well as offense."

Q: What have your first few days been like?

O'SHAUGHNESSY:"It's been fun. It's good to actually finally get back out on the field after this hectic Draft time and all of the pro days and various things like that. Obviously there is a lot of learning going on, there's a lot of hectic stuff. You've got to get all smashed in within three days, but I've had a blast so far and I'm just trying to stay level-headed and keep progressing each day."

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