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Chiefs Rumble Performs at Kauffman Center

Chiefs Rumble participate in Link Up series at Kauffman Center

On Thursday, the Chiefs Rumble performed at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts for local elementary school students.

#Chiefs Rumble performing at the Kauffman Center! — Rachel (@KCChiefs_Rachel) May 1, 2014

"The Chiefs Rumble is a professional drum line, whose primary function is to entertain and excite Chiefs fans on game days," Matt Arnet, Director of the Rumble, explained. "We also participate in events outside of the Chiefs, during the offseason, such as performing with the Kansas City Symphony through the Link Up: The Orchestra Rocks series."

The Link Up: The Orchestra Rocks series is a program encouraging children to get involved with music. The Kansas City Symphony provides the instruments, a workbook and training for the teachers at $5 per student.

"The symphony has an expansive education series and this series was for elementary students in grades three through five," Stephanie Brimhall, Education Manager at the Symphony, explained. "We had just over 7,000 kids come through for this series."

During the performance, the students were asked to participate with the Kansas City Symphony. For months, the students have been practicing for this opportunity.

"From the audience, all the students were able to play their instruments with the symphony," Brimhall noted. "It's a cool experience for them and it's awesome to see all of these students playing or singing along."

As part of the curriculum for the Link Up program from Carnegie Hall, provided a piece written for both the orchestra and drum lines. There are orchestras throughout the country using this program, with a variety of drum lines.

"We've done 19 concerts for elementary students this year, so I know what energy the performers need to bring and the Rumble have that," Brimhall said. "We wanted the Rumble to participate in this series, because we wanted something that was Kansas City. They are really fun to work with and always get the kids on their feet."

Every student stood up, clapped along or did the Tomahawk Chop, when The Rumble took the stage. The group then performed an exercise with the students, teaching them basic rhythm.

"We did a call and response with the students to help them learn basic rhythm," Arnet said. "We played a rhythm and then they would clap their hands and stomp their feet to mimic the rhythm we played. It was great to connect with the kids and an awesome experience performing at Kauffman."

To enjoy the Kansas City Symphony as well, click here for upcoming dates and times.

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