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Chiefs Spotlight: Customer Relations Department

A behind-the-scenes look at the different business departments within the Kansas City Chiefs

This week's spotlight is on the Chiefs Customer Relations department, whose purpose is to enhance the fan experience and provide unique opportunities for Chiefs Season Ticket Holders (STH).


"I like to think of the Customer Relations department as fan advocates, as we serve as the voice of the fan for the organization," Jayne Martin, Director of Fan Experience explained. "We evaluate the overall fan experience from their point-of-view and identify opportunities to improve and enhance that experience."

Throughout the year, the Customer Relations department is responsible for communicating with the fans, evaluating fan feedback and analyzing data to help create customized experiences.

"We all recognize that our fans are individuals, so using data and fan feedback allows us to tailor communication and provide customized experiences," Leah Rindler, Fans Insight and Analysis Manager said.

Although the team has many responsibilities, the number one objective of the department is to serve the fans.

"Our department's main purpose is to serve Season Ticket Holders and fans," Gentry Davis, Customer Relations Representative commented. "They are our number one priority and we want to make sure they are taken care of on a daily basis. Whether we are assisting them or acting as an advocate on their behalf, we keep them in mind with every decision we make."


In addition, the department manages the Chiefs Kingdom Pass program, which is designed to expand the value of being a Chiefs STH.

For Chiefs STHs, the program offers a deeper connection to the organization and goes beyond just experiencing ten games during the season. Instead, this program allows STHs to gain exclusive access to the Chiefs all year long through the program's ticket card, loyalty program and the site,

"The Chiefs Kingdom Pass program is the first of its kind in the NFL and provides a fully-integrated experience, including ticketless technology, exclusive content and a rewards program," Martin noted. "This program was created to enhance each Season Ticket Holder's experience and give them a connection to the team 365 days a year."


During the season, the department's primary function on game days are to serve as a resource for the fans. Part of the department fields all incoming communication via phone, email and text, helping trouble shoot any ticket related inquiry's, policies, or general questions. Others within the department manage the mobility cart and wheelchair assistance program, along with the planning and structure for parking at Arrowhead.

The group also oversees the Fans First program, which has representatives stationed throughout the stadium for fans in need of assistance.

"We work to provide our guests with an exceptional experience with the Chiefs and their time at Arrowhead," Ryan Smart, Customer Relations Representative said. "We provide information to fans in a timely manner and work to provide them with the best experience on game day."


The Customer Relations department looks to create the best fan experience in the NFL and strive to enhance, improve and add to the experience at Arrowhead Stadium. They recognize that the fans create that unique Arrowhead advantage.

"The Chiefs STHs are the lifeblood of the organization and are vitally important," Patrick Stacy, Customer Relations Representative noted. "The passion and energy that they bring every game day is incredible and makes Arrowhead the best stadium in the NFL."

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