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Chiefs vs. Broncos: Alex Smith Postgame Press Conference

Alex Smith addresses the media following the Chiefs Week 13 matchup against the Broncos

You guys had so much success against the Broncos in Week 2. How good were they tonight at taking away what worked for you?"I think the big thing is, what jumped out to me early, is third down. We were much better at third downs against these guys earlier in the year in the past and early on in this game we couldn't sustain any drives. Our defense was out on the field the majority of that first half and the game. Couldn't help them out. To start off the game with those three and outs like that, you're just not helping the team, and not getting in any rhythm hurt us."

Was it more of a lack of execution on your part as an offense or was it something Denver did to take stuff away?"I mean it's always a combination of the two. You could look at it either way. It felt like there were some unscouted looks. Certainly it's on us as well to go out there and follow the rules and execute, but certainly a combination of both. They played well and certainly outplayed us tonight and so if you want to call it lack of execution or them, probably a different combination of both of that."

How surprising is that? 10 days from the last game coming into this one and this is two straight weeks and two straight games that the Chiefs have started out slow offensively. How surprising is that? "Yeah, a little bit of a check for sure for all of us. Really felt like the last two weeks were uncharacteristic of who we are as a team and it'll be a little bit of that a little bit of a gut check time. There's still a lot of football left, a lot of meaningful football left for us. It's going to be a matter of what we do with it. A little bit like the start of the season I think."

Was the energy and enthusiasm there?"Yeah for sure. I don't think it was a lack of energy at all. I certainly think there were a lot of things. Execution and focus for sure. Couple of tough breaks as well, some of the turnovers, they hurt us."

You were sacked six times today.  Did you have time to do anything offensively?"Protection and sacks, the o-line obviously gets a lot of that attention on them and it's certainly on all of us. I know for a fact we'll look at that tomorrow. There's times I have to do better, no question. It's on all of us. You know, but that was part of it. Just couldn't get in a rhythm, negative plays. It's tough to overcome those. Any time we were trying to stretch the field or push the ball, it was tough for us."

What was it like finally having Donnie Avery back in the lineup?"Yeah it was good to have him back. Missed him. He has that presence of really stretching the field. I wish we could have made some things happen with him."

Based on what you could see, was there a lot of space to do stuff or did Denver have things pretty covered? "It certainly felt like tonight they did. There were times, especially on third down where they did a good job of it. Yeah, they had a good plan for us. It's tough to look at all of it. I certainly felt like there were times that we were just executing better and all of a sudden we strung some plays together and had some drives."

Did you feel like you guys had a chance late in the game?"Yeah it felt like it when we scored that second touchdown certainly. The defense kept us in it with some good holds down there in the red zone. We still had a chance we just couldn't do anything to get that going and get back into the game. It was still a two score game there. We had a chance".

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