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Chiefs vs. Raiders: What Does the Rivalry Mean to You?

We asked some members Chiefs Kingdom what this rivalry means to them

Chiefs Kingdom shares what #RaiderWeek means to them:

Frank Soriano: "Raider Week means rough, tough, power football, Marty Schottenheimer style."

Xavier Ramey: "It's plain and simple, I hate the Raiders. Even as a kid, before I knew much about how many teams were in the NFL, I knew about Oakland, and I didn't like them. I don't like their team, fans, whatever. I hate everything about them. This game means a lot for both teams no matter the records."

Mark Ramirez: "I am 33 years old and from the Los Angeles area, and I have been a huge Chiefs fan since 1989. I remember watching Derrick Thomas and Christian Okoye and that's when I chose KC to play with on 'Tecmo Super Bowl.' Growing up in LA as a KC fan around these rival Raider fans has not been easy, but I still rep the Chiefs."


Sam Coon: "RaiderWeek means screaming at the TV and throwing things whenever the Raiders make a big play. RaiderWeek means every bit of Red and Gold that I own to support my Chiefs. RaiderWeek means throwing a huge celebration anytime the Chiefs win. I'm a Raider hater till the day I die, and I'm only 18."

Michael Holt: "It means wearing the Red & Gold all week long to void off any bad juju they might bring this way. It's extra special this year for the home RaiderWeek because it's the symbolic start of the playoffs. What better way to start the playoff push than a home whooping of a hated rival."

Jacob Clegg: "One word, payback."

Justin McLuckie: "RaiderWeek is the epitome of professional rivalry. It's historic blood baths from the 60s and 70s, and it's Marty Schottenheimer in the 90s. It's the most heated and historic rivalry in the AFC and no matter how bad either team is, it means the world. Because this is Raider Week and we HATE the Raiders."

James Range: "RaiderWeek means I don't talk to my dad all week and hope to Jesus I can brag and rub it in his face after the Chiefs mop the floor with silver and black, and hopefully not the other way around. GO CHIEFS GO."

Shawn Hale: "It means talking smack to a few of my friends that are Raiders fans!"

Trey Burrows: "Being a long time (30-plus year) Chiefs fan and living in prime Raider country (Central Valley of California), it means wearing red and showing pride no matter what the dreaded Raider Nation says or does to me. If we lose for a second time this year I get nothing but grief. But I stand tall and proud!"

Kemberly Creager: "RaiderWeek means a longstanding rivalry. We must defeat. There will be no SWEEP. Time to make Arrowhead roar. #ChiefsKingdom We are #BerryStrong."

Kansas City Chiefs vs the Oakland Raiders in the 1980's

Logan Hobbs: "RaiderWeek means a time for my family and I to sit down and watch the Kansas City Chiefs play some old school football. Plus, it is almost always at the time in the year where we need to evaluate what we need to do for the playoffs. So I can't wait to see the Kansas City Chiefs play."

Ginger Nash: "This week means redemption after that horrible loss in Oakland. The Chiefs need to show them that loss is a fluke not to be repeated."

Kirk Lakebrink: "It means hating everything black and silver, for no apparent reason. Only deep down, I know the reason is because there is nothing good about the Raiders, including their demonic black and silver." Ray Jackson: "Revenge"

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