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Chiefs vs. Seahawks: 10 Observations

Here are 10 things that stood out about the Chiefs 14-13 win on Friday night

The defense came to play on Friday night

The Kansas City Chiefs defense allowed just 227 total yards of offense to the Seattle Seahawks on Friday night and also managed to keep the Seahawks offense out of the end zone.

They had just one opportunity inside the red zone, and on a third-and-goal situation from the 2-yard line, defensive lineman Mike Catapano, who was seeing his first game action in over a year, made the tackle in the backfield for a loss of 7 yards.

Catapano missed all of last year with a combination of a concussion and virus that took him out of training camp and ultimately cost him the entire season as he was placed on IR soon after. A groin injury sidelined him during training camp and in the first preseason game last week against the Arizona Cardinals.

The Chiefs were the best team in the NFL in goal-to-go situations last year and looked like that team again on Friday night.

The only Seahawks touchdown of the game came on a pick-six interception by linebacker Bobby Wagner off Alex Smith late in the second quarter, which gave the Seahawks a 10-7 lead at the time.

Alex Smith and the Chiefs offense bounce back after shaky start


On the first two offensive plays of the game, Smith was taken to the ground by a very physical Seahawks defense. The first play of the game for the Chiefs offense actually resulted in a personal foul by defensive end Michael Bennett, who got a pretty good shot in on Smith.

Compared to last week, the guys on the field were hitting on a different level on Friday night.

After two straight five-play drives to start the game, the Chiefs offense bounced back with a beautiful 14-play drive that ended with a 3-yard touchdown pass from Alex Smith to Jeremy Maclin.

Smith showed a tremendous amount of toughness to stay in the pocket and deliver some of the throws he made on that drive.

The first two plays of the drive were a completion to Maclin for nine yards, followed up by a misdirection pitch on an end-around where Maclin carried the ball for eight yards.

Smith went 7 for 9 on the drive and threw a much-celebrated touchdown to the receiver, Maclin.

Eric Berry's return to Arrowhead Stadium celebrated with a video on ArrowVision

The Chiefs welcomed home one of their leaders in Eric Berry on Friday night, and the ovation he received from the fans at Arrowhead Stadium was nothing short of special.

A video was played in his honor right before kickoff.

It's the first game Berry has played since being diagnosed and ultimately overcoming Hodgkin's lymphoma. He spoke with the media after the game about what the night meant to him.

"The ride through the stadium and up to the stadium, smelling the barbecue, seeing the fans out there waving, I made sure my window was rolled down so I could just take it all in," Berry said. "I drove extra slow this time. It was definitely a wonderful feeling."

Phillip Gaines' pass breakup was a thing of beauty


The crowd was electric on Friday night, which was impressive for a preseason game.

Considering the Chiefs began the game on defense, it was the perfect storm for noise in the loudest outdoor stadium in the world made up of Chiefs Kingdom.

After the Berry video played before the game, the crowd was ready to erupt. Phillip Gaines gave them that moment with a fantastic pass breakup on third-and-7 attempt by quarterback Russell Wilson on the Seahawks first offensive drive.

The first drive for an opponent at Arrowhead Stadium in 2015 resulted in a three-and-out.

Derrick Johnson shows us that his downhill closing speed is back

It's been a staple of his game since he was drafted by the Chiefs in the first round of the 2005 NFL Draft, and after missing last year with an Achilles injury, people wanted to know if it was just a thing of the past.

Midway through the first quarter, Johnson answered that question.

After a first-and-10 completion to Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman in the flat, Johnson came flying downhill to make the tackle outside of the numbers and give us that moment that let us know that "DJ is back!"

Photos from the Chiefs second preseason matchup against the Seattle Seahawks

Alex Smith and Jeremy Maclin display the continuity they've talked about

It wasn't a perfect night for the Chiefs offense, but both Smith and Maclin would tell you they found a little rhythm there in the second quarter.

That was never more evident than on the third-and-8 pass inside the red zone from the Seahawks 15-yard line.


Smith rolled out to his left and was able to complete the 10-yard pass to Maclin, who was able to get both feet in bounds after finding some separation on the crucial third-down reception.

It was just one play, but when you really break it down, they were inside the red zone, where the field is already shrunk. In addition, it was on third down, when they figured the Chiefs were going to pass.

With small field and little room for error, it's known a pass is coming and they still made it happen.

That's what they mean by being on the same page and developing that continuity.

"We're constantly communicating on the sideline about what's going on and what happened earlier [in the game]," Maclin said during his in-game interview. "When you've got that type of relationship, everything else comes easy."

Travis Kelce's 23-yard reception showed us what we already knew

He's a mismatch for defenders with his elite combination of size and athleticism, and Kelce put that on display once again during that same 14-play, 83-yard touchdown drive by the Chiefs offense in the second quarter.

Kelce reached out and snagged the ball across the middle of the field and took it up the field for 23 yards.

It was one of five plays by the Chiefs offense that resulted in 20 or more yards.

Chase Daniel picked up where he left off last week

After going 17 of 21 for 189 yards and three touchdowns last week, Daniel completed 8 of 12 passes for 82 yards and a touchdown on Friday.

Last week against the Cardinals, Daniel hit three different receivers for touchdowns. This week, he mixed in a tight end touchdown to rookie James O'Shaughnessy, who celebrated with Travis Kelce on the sideline after the game.

Daniel, Spencer Ware and Frankie Hammond Jr. combine for chunk gain for the offense

The longest play of the game came on an improvised pass from Daniel to Ware out in the flat and then it was receiver Frankie Hammond out in front of the play putting on a blocking display that allowed Ware to get down the field.

The Chiefs would score just three plays later on that O'Shaughnessy touchdown catch, which gave them their 14-13 lead and eventual victory.

Sorensen's sack sealed the deal

With a little more than four minutes left in the game and with the Seahawks offense attempting a game-winning drive as they trailed 14-13, safety Daniel Sorensen came on a safety blitz on third-and-11 from the Chiefs 40-yard line and brought down quarterback R.J. Archer.

It was the defensive play the Chiefs needed to seal their second win of the preseason in as many games. It's the first time since 2002 that the Chiefs have begun the preseason with two wins.

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