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Chiefs vs. Seahawks: Andy Reid Postgame Press Conference

Andy Reid addresses the media after the Chiefs matchup against the Seahawks in Week 11

OPENING STATEMENT:"Alright, really have no injuries to mention which is a good thing. I would like to thank the crowd for the noise they presented to the Seahawks, that's a good football team that we were able to compete against today and ended up beating. Our crowd had a lot to do with that. The Salute to Service folks that were there, we appreciate all that they do for us. And then the field crew that kept that field together. We are into November here and that field was a nice surface to play on and all good. I was proud of the big guys and the way they played, that was this type of game. So we were going to count on the bigs on both sides of the ball and the offense and defensive lines stepped up and did a nice job there. The turnovers, we obviously had the two turnovers which is too much and resulted in 10 points for the opposing team. However, we did a pretty good job in the redzone, we were three for four in the redzone. Our defense, we were sitting there with three fourth down plays late in the game and they stepped up. They did a phenomenal job there of getting off the field. Dustin (Colquitt) with that last, Junior (Hemingway) with that slap out, and I could keep on going. It was one of those kinds of games, beautiful thing."

You mentioned the defense, this maybe the best you've seen them play all year, especially in the fourth quarter."Well, they sure did a nice job. I think on both sides of the ball we can keep getting better. We certainly haven't hit where we can be and we will keep working at that. But the guys did play well today."

You beat the world champs, you're in first in AFC West, where is this team now?"Listen, if I've heard this once, I've heard it 10 times. They are excited, but they also know we are getting on a plane to fly out and play a good Oakland team. So we've got to make sure we enjoy this today, but we have to get ourselves back and ready to go quickly so we understand that. We aren't thinking too much about that, we are going to let you write it but aren't going to think a whole lot about it until it's all said and done." 

About the challenge, could you clearly see he was short a yard? What about the timeout you were putting on the table?"We were down to one timeout, but I thought the guys in the box did a nice job. It looked like it on the field, but at the same time you're never quite sure until you see the replay. So the guys did a good job on looking at it in the box and saying, 'hey, he was a yard short'."

All we heard about all week was Beast Mode. Talk about how Jamaal Charles met the challenge."Well Jamaal, I'm not saying there was any challenge there for him because he's Jamaal Charles. He doesn't compare himself to anybody, nor does he need to. He's a good football player and he keeps producing every week and he's done it for a number of years. He's a special player, very special player."

So the fumble?"Yeah, I mean those things happen. You've got to protect the football and he knows that. That's why we gave him the ball the next time we had the opportunity."

Did you come into this game expecting to be able to rush on them?"I mean you don't know that. They've got one of the better fronts in football. So you're going to give it a whirl and then you go from there with what works. Like I said today our offensive linemen did a heck of a job." Any thoughts of going for it on that final fourth and short?"No, a lot of trust in our defense and special teams."

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