Chris Conley Worried About 'Game of Thrones' Spoilers During Camp

Chiefs keep up with season seven

Winter came early this year as HBO's award-winning show Game of Thrones returned for their seventh season with the premier on July 16.

The widely popular television show is a popular topic in the Kansas City Chiefs' locker room.

At most, the guys only got in the first two episodes before heading to training camp, but for those who watch, they are determined to not fall behind during camp.

"We might have to sneak out of some meetings to watch [Game of Thrones]," wide receiver Chris Conley smiled. "But we'll probably have it on in the training room, honestly. So, I'll probably go down the hall on 'bathroom breaks' just so there are no spoilers when we get out of meetings that night."

The episodes air every Sunday night at 8pm.

"We might have to lose a little bit of sleep before that next practice," Conley laughed.

Conley said he's not the only guy on the team dedicated to not missing an episode.

At one point, every single quarterback on the team was not only watching, but discussing the episodes with each other as well.

"I mean there's a lot of people in our locker room who watch it, so if you're behind on an episode just don't walk through the locker room, because they'll spoil it for you," Conley said.

That's going to be easier said than done as the team returns to practice Monday morning.

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