Chris Jones' Performance Sunday Ranks Among Best in Recent Memory

The second-year standout had a game to remember

As is often the case anytime Kansas City Chiefs' second-year defensive lineman Chris Jones is on a football field, he was having the time of his life Sunday afternoon.

But Jones may have also have had the game of his life during the Chiefs' 27-20 win over the Philadelphia Eagles as well.

Jones became just the second player since 1994 to notch at least three sacks, two forced fumbles and an interception in a single game—with the other being the Pittsburgh Steelers' James Harrison against the Baltimore Ravens in 2007.

"We came in with that mindset that it was going to be a four-quarter fight, even a fifth quarter if it made it there," Jones said after the game.

Jones credited his performance Sunday afternoon to his teammates and coaching staff.

"Coach Sutton—he'll put you in a position to make plays," Jones said of his defensive coordinator. "My teammates beside me, they encouraged me throughout the week. The scout o-line gave me great look at practice. It's a team thing around here and those guys helped me achieve what I achieved today.

"And now, it's all about getting better and correcting the errors."

Jones' third sack and interception, which was the first of the year for the Chiefs' defense, both came in the fourth quarter when the game was on the line.

With less than 10 minutes remaining and the score tied, 13-13, the Eagles were facing a third-and-12 from their own 31-yard line. Quarterback Carson Wentz attempted a screen pass to the flat and linebacker Justin Houston was able to get his hands on the ball, which deflected up into the air and into the hands of Jones.

"I was taking it back to my crib," Jones laughed after the game of his attempt at a return. "I was taking it back to Overland Park. I looked over at the sidelines and saw coach Reid and was like, 'I gotta go.' I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. I saw [Houston] hit the ball and I realized it was a screen after my first two steps.

"In the air, I figured I was going to get killed. A big guy like me jumping in the air, the little guys come in there and clean you out, but I was going to take it home."

Jones' third sack came right before the two-minute warning.

Houston, who finished with five tackles, three tackles for loss, two quarterback hits, a sack and that key deflection that led to the interception, spoke about Jones' standout performance after the game.

"He played great, but it's not just about one person," Houston explained. "It's about us as a whole. I can come out here and get 20 sacks but if we don't dominate as a whole, it does not matter what one person does. It only matters what we do as a whole. He had a big game. I hope and pray that he does that every week. We are going to need that every week for us to be a good defense.

"But I think we're going to continue to prove the mindset of the locker room and the guys in here is we want to do better, and we will do better."

With leaders in that locker room like Houston, who for the second-straight week after a big win wasn't focusing on anything but where this group needs to improve, the idea of what 'better' could look like for Jones and the defense should be exciting for fans.

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