Coach Reid: "Branden Will Play the Left Side"

Albert plans to be back with team for Monday's practice

While the focus this weekend continues to be on the rookies and their three-day minicamp, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid discussed the latest update regarding Chiefs LT Branden Albert.

"You saw where we put Eric Fisher at the right tackle spot," coach Reid said. "We worked him in there, which was good. We had some great talks with Branden Albert, and he'll be in here on Monday. Branden will play the left side, and Eric is going to play the right side."

Many have wondered if Albert would either be traded, hold out or if he would return to the Chiefs and if so, whether it would be at LT or some other spot on the line; coach Reid answered those questions for the immediate future and spoke about further talks on a long-term deal for Albert.


"That's an ongoing thing. That's not where we are at this minute. That's not why he's coming in late this minute," coach Reid said, before admitting that Albert is coming to camp to "get some practice in."

Chiefs general manager John Dorsey and coach Reid have always said that the talks with Albert have been continual and as for the most-recent phone conversation between coach Reid and BA, the motive was the same.

"I just wanted to communicate," coach Reid said. "I felt that was important. We weren't able to do that before the draft, and I wanted to make sure that we touched base and talked after the draft."

Concluding his talk on Albert for the day, coach Reid assured everyone that the team's 15th-overall pick of the 2008 NFL Draft is ready to return, saying, "Yes, he's very eager to get going. He's very excited."

Meanwhile, day two of the Chiefs rookie minicamp continues today with practice beginning at 1:15 PM CDT.

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