Coach Reid: Chiefs 'played their hearts out'

The team's head coach explains his decision to rest some starters


"The only two injuries we had were (Sean) Smith with a knee sprain -- he mentioned that he had this before and worked through it, so, I think we're going to be okay there -- and then James-Michael Johnson had an ankle sprain. We just have to see how that works out. We'll see how he does, after the flight. I was proud of the guys for the way they battled. That's a good football team that Mike (McCoy) has put together here. Our guys came out and gave them everything they could to take them into overtime and then take it down the field a little bit and have a chance there. I would've liked to come out on the long end of the stick and not the short end, but I'm happy that the AFC West has three teams in the playoffs this year. That's a positive. We'll see how things work out from here."

Was it difficult to make the decision to rest your key guys?

"Well, I look at the positives, when I do that. I gave the guys a week to heal up and rest up. Still, at the same time, get good practice in. If we do meet again, with San Diego, they got that practice time in with the game plan. The guys that came out and played, I think that's where the positive really comes in. You see from a depth standpoint, down the stretch, here, that you've got some guys that can play and go on and compete and give you an opportunity to win football games. I think that's priceless right there. There were guys that never started in the National Football League that had a chance to do it today."

On Chase Daniel:

"I thought Chase handled things very well. He managed the game. He made some nice checks at the line. There were a couple plays we'd like to have back, but I think for the most part, he played very well. I think we had but one penalty today of that sort. Both sides of the ball were disciplined. They played their hearts out. We had an opportunity to win the game."

Did you feel like you had a bit of a bye today?

"Yeah, I guess you could say that. That's one way to say it. There are a couple of guys with a lot of snaps under their belt, like Jamaal (Charles). They've been playing and playing in physical positions. They had a chance to rest up. It gave (Branden) Albert and (Justin) Houston another week to heal up. They're both ready to go, but it gave them one more week to heal up. I think those are all positives. (Dontari) Poe who's played a lot of snaps, he got an opportunity to rest up; I think that's all for the good."

You weren't allowed to ask for a video challenge in overtime, is that correct?

"Yeah, wish I could have. I'm doing it off the naked eye, without the video, but doggone it, I thought we had that one. I didn't have an opportunity to do anything about it. That's their call. I saw the ball out. They called him dead, so it was over at that point. The ball came out, but at that point, they had already marked the ball dead."

When did you make the decision to rest a number of guys?

"I mulled it over, every day of the week. I wasn't giving people much of a heads up, either way. I got them ready to play. When it came down to it, some of the starters played in the game. Everybody was ready to go. I made the final decision maybe yesterday. I was leaning in that direction. I gave you guys a bit of a hint there; I've done this before and I was leaning there, but I wanted good work out of the players too."

Did you see the confidence of these back-up guys pick up and pick up?

"Yeah, that's the great thing about this; we can use these guys, down the stretch. It allows you to throw fastballs at the next opponent, which is the Colts. You have an opportunity to boost some confidence in some guys to get in there and play."

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