Coach Reid: "It's the start of a new season"

The team's head coach talks preparation for a rematch with the Colts

OPENING STATEMENT: "Okay, as far as the injuries go, Dwayne Bowe is making progress on the concussion side of things and will probably work tomorrow, so, that will be a good thing. Tamba (Hali), the inflammation in his knee has gone down. We will just see how it goes tomorrow. JMJ (James-Michael Johnson) has an ankle sprain, pretty tender today, but again, we will see how he does here. It is a day-to-day thing. We'll see how it works out for him. I'm proud of some of the things I saw our team do yesterday, in particular the young players, who were given an opportunity to play as starters and contribute to as much as they did in the game yesterday. We were trying to win the game, however we understand that we didn't get that accomplished. The depth of our football team, that's important to have that and to have the confidence of playing those guys, in particular down the stretch here, and know that you have good players. I think it's a real tribute to, most of all, John Dorsey and what he has done, bringing those kids in here. What happened yesterday was really a tribute to his effort and his staff. I'm not really into the year stats and that, but when you're breaking an NFL record, like we did on special teams, with our kickoff return average, I think that is worthy of a note there. I think Dave (Toub) has done a tremendous job there, both he and Kevin O'Dea, in preparing our guys and then the players obviously have done a nice job with it. If I could just take one minute to shout-out to Tony Gonzalez who is one of the all-time great Chiefs and he has decided to hang up the cleats, although he probably could continue to play. The guy is unbelievable like that. It's a tribute to him as a man in how he handled himself as a person and then obviously all of the records that he set from that position. He is one of the all-time greats, and I'm sure a future hall of famer. I'm proud to have known him and still know him. I'm hoping he enjoys retirement and does as well there as he did on the football field, which I'm sure he will with that Cal education. For us, it's the start of a new season; that's how the playoffs work. You're in the dance as they say. It's another phase of the season, and you have worked very hard as a team to get into this position and now it's important that you exhaust yourself to make sure that you're right. It's single-elimination and you have to make sure you prepare the right way. Again, we have an opportunity to play a good football team in the Colts. We look forward to that challenge of going down there and playing them in Indy."

Q: Do you look back much at the last Indy game and take what worked well and use it?

REID: "Yeah, you definitely learn from that. We will do the same thing, but you can use that. You kind of use the whole, but that is part of it."

Q: What do you have to do better or different this round?

REID: "The turnovers, I guess, would be the primary thing that you have to eliminate."

Q: Has Dwayne Bowe been cleared to practice?

REID: "Well, he is actually in the process right now. He's getting that done now. I think it's going to be alright."

Q: What about Sean Smith?

REID: "Sean's okay. He felt better today. He has had that before, and he feels okay."

Q: And what about Eric Fisher?

REID: "Yeah, Fish is okay."

Q: Were you aware of the penalty on Ryan Succop's kick?

REID: "Well, you saw I called the timeout right there, so you're aware of that. That was for a reason. I saw it. I couldn't challenge. The only thing I had was a timeout, so I called it so maybe they would take a peak and read through the timeout and see what took place. Listen, (it was) human error."

Q: When you talk to the officials and you can't challenge it, what do you say to them?

REID: "I said kind of what I just said; there were seven guys. There's nothing you can say. I called a timeout with four seconds left in the game."

Q: Is that a reviewable play?

REID: "For me, it's not."

Q: Can they review it?

REID: "Yeah, they can look at that."

Q: Did Ryan Succop want that kick lined up on the right hash mark?

REID: "He doesn't really mind, either way."

Q: What was it like to see the excitement of the starters for the backups?

REID: "I was proud of the guys for their attitude during the game. They were all in. There wasn't a person there, whether they were dressed or not dressed, and some of the guys were dressed and didn't play, that was not into that game and not giving everything they had, either on the sideline or on the field. I thought it was a heck of a football game. Nobody pointed the finger at Ryan (Succop) at the end of the game. That's not where we went. I would have liked to have gotten them in a little tighter there and even closer, but we didn't quite get that done. But, nobody pointed fingers or any of that."

Q: What's your evaluation of Knile Davis' performance?

REID: "Knile (Davis) played a good solid football game, both running the football and protection and I think he had one return in the kicking game. I thought he did a nice job. You can see how much he has improved over the year, which is pretty remarkable."

Q: How do performances like Knile Davis' and other backups change how you may use them in the playoffs?

REID: "Well, it gives you the confidence to continue to increase their play time. We've done that with Knile (Davis) (and) we've done that with Junior (Hemingway). Certain guys have had a little bit more time in there as the season has gone on. You continue to do that and it won't hurt their cause there of getting in the game."

Q: You have a better road record than home record. Is there a road mentality the team has developed?

REID: "They did well on the road. I thought we did okay at home, too. But, I think the team has confidence that they can go into another stadium (that is) loud. When we faced Denver, it was loud. This is going to be loud. (We have to) play good, solid football and win games."

Q: What stood out with A.J. Jenkins yesterday?

REID: "A.J. (Jenkins) is another one of those guys that we've kind of eased in. I thought he played a heck of a game, yesterday. He blocked well, he caught the ball well, ran good solid routes and you saw his athletic ability, (with the) run after the catch."

Q: How do you explain the difference that playoff games bring to the guys, who haven't played in a playoff game before?

REID: "I think they're aware of it now. I talked to them a little bit on the plane, last night about it, and I'll talk to them a little bit more on Tuesday. I think they've got a pretty good understanding of that."

Q: Is the understanding the need to show it's still a 100-yard field and a goalpost?

REID: "Probably the biggest thing you notice in the playoffs is everything is a little faster. That's just how it goes. Every step you take in a playoff game, for whatever reason, is a little bit faster. I think both teams know that it's single elimination. That's why the games are that way."

Q: What was the difference in your club going 2-5 after a 9-0 start?

REID: "A couple of them were close games against good football teams. You know, we probably gave up a few more big plays than we created. On the offensive side, we probably didn't have enough big plays and on the defensive side, we gave up too many big plays, if you had to pinpoint one thing in general."

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