Coach Reid's Postgame Presser Transcript

Coach Reid discusses his team's win, the clinched playoff spot and more

OPENING STATEMENT: "As far as injuries go, the only one that's injured is Fish (Eric Fisher); he kind of re-hurt that shoulder that he had earlier and we'll just see how he does. I thought it was a good game, all the way around. Each phase had its time and moment. At the same time, we're coming out of this thing (and) we've got a lot of stuff that we need to work on and we'll continue to do that. We appreciate the fans for their support, the Kansas City fans; it amazes me, every week, the way they travel like they do. It is great to be in the playoffs, but we also understand that it isn't where it stops. We've got to finish the season the right way. We're going to do that. I could go around and pick out a lot of players here and coaches, for the jobs that they did; I think Jamaal was special by numbers and how it ranked amongst things that have been done in the league and with the Chiefs. The receiving yards, the receptions for touchdowns, again, he just had one of those days, 5 TDs. The eight takeaways as a team and defense, I thought, were special, those few things. A lot of people went into Jamaal doing his part and a lot of people were involved in those takeaways, so my hat is off to all of them for the job that they did. Again, Dennis Allen is busting his tail here along with (Raiders GM) Reggie (McKenzie) they are getting this program back. There are so many positive things this year and so many positive things on their side today. We've got a ton of respect for them and the job that they're doing."

Q: What are your thoughts on making the playoffs your first year here, especially after what they went through last year?

Reid: "I'm proud, mostly, of the players and the perseverance and the trust that they've had. Us coming in as new coaches and in most positions, we have a couple guys that, I've said this before, moving on from last year, the guys who have made it are guys buying in to the things that we presented to them. That's not always an easy thing to do. "Trusting" isn't an easy word to spit out and it's a hard thing to get done. These guys have done that; they trust each other, they trust their coaches and they play as a unit. They're happy for each other, they pull for each other, no matter if they're on offense, defense or special teams; that's priceless and I appreciate that part."

Q: Does Jamaal Charles qualify as an MVP or Offensive Player of the Year, in your opinion?

Reid: "He's got my vote. Anybody, however many folks that were here today, I'm sure he's probably got their vote. I don't know how anybody could be more valuable to a team's success than he is, so, I'm pulling for him."

Q: Miami won, but how much more gratifying was it to win today and clinch it yourself?

Reid: "I didn't hear any scores, but I figured since I didn't hear any scores that New England lost and Miami won. I'm okay with that. I'm fine with that. We did what we had to do. I think that's important. I never felt, even if we did know the scores that the guys would let up at all. It's just not their nature. It's tough doing what these players and these coaches did by having the game that we did in Washington and then coming back and still mustering up the energy to do this here on a road trip and everything that goes with it. I'm proud of them for that."

What did you see that led to the success with Jamaal and the screen plays?

Reid: "They do a great job, number one, rushing the passer and their blitz game is phenomenal. Dennis does a  heck of a job rolling his coverages, like probably nobody else in the National Football League. We felt that since we didn't score one time out of the first five drives last game against them, we thought maybe the screen game could help us get going in and it worked for us. It was something that with a great pass rush, it would help slow it down a little bit."

Talk about Alex Smith's role in the win:

Reid: "I told you, the great ones, and I put him that category, I've liked him since he was in college, the great ones make everyone around them better and that means both sides of the ball and special teams.  He has the ability to do that. I appreciate the leadership that he's brought here and what's he's given to your team. We know, in this league, that that position is a pretty important position. We are fortunate to have him here."

Personally, what did you have to do to get this team to where it is today?

Reid: "We've taken it day by day, all of us. It's not a one-man show, at all. I'm lucky to have the Hunts and Clark to support the things we try to do as a staff; it gives us an opportunity to win football games.  We've been put in very good positions to do that, all the way from training camp. The site of training camp, the university there was phenomenal, all the way through here. The different steps people have gone above and beyond the call of duty for us, we're fortunate."

What kinds of steps are you referring to?

Reid: "All the little things that have taken place, you can figure them out, I can't tell you all of them. From the offseason, with the things John Dorsey has added to the team, all through training camp, you've watched the different steps that the offense, defense and special teams have taken as we've gone on throughout the season and how guys have become more familiar with the schemes each week."

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