Countdown: Best Chiefs Media of the Week

A roundup of the very best in Kansas City Chiefs media over the past seven days

5. VIDEO: Moving Forward Into Minicamp



**4. ARTICLE: Rookie Tyreek Hill Isn't Patting Himself on Back for Making Plays in Shorts

If you were making a list of Kansas City Chiefs who have been turning heads with their playmaking ability during offseason workouts, it would have to include fifth-round pick Tyreek Hill. Hill's reported 4.2-ish 40-yard dash speed has translated to the field, where he's made a number of spectacular plays—one of which even had cornerbacks coach Al Harris shaking his head as he talked with one of his defensive backs during OTAs.

On that particular play, the ball actually looked to be overthrown, but Hill clicked into another gear, catching up to the ball and beating his defender, who originally had been right at his hip. By the time the ball reached them, Hill was three yards ahead of the defender with his arms stretched out, and it landed in his fingertips for a 40-plus-yard touchdown. READ

3. PHOTO GALLERY: First Look Event

Chiefs Suite Members and Season Ticket Members caught an exclusive glimpse of the Chiefs at the fourth annual First Look 2016

**2. ARTICLE: Mitch Schwartz's Puppy Has More Followers Than Him and Probably You

Cupcake has nearly 30,000 followers on Instagram.

"My fiancé Brooke started the Instagram page after we got the dog and clearly, I named him Cupcake," Schwartz said recently. "It's a boy, yes, so obviously I named him because it's one of the great desserts. I made sure to name him Cupcake and give him a pink travel case and leash. It kind of started as something to do and instead of having to send pictures to a bunch of people, she created an Instagram."

*Brooke, who posts new photos of Cupcake nearly every day using the handle "cupcake.the.pom," captions the photos as if Cupcake were speaking for himself. *READ

1. VIDEO: Jamaal Charles Returns to Practice

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