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Countdown: The Chiefs' Top Ten Celebrations in 2014

Revealing the best celebrations for the Kansas City Chiefs of this past season

It's already widely known that Chiefs head coach Andy Reid welcomes the players to let their personalities show, and with outgoing individuals like tight end Travis Kelce and running back Jamaal Charles, there's no shortage of personality to go around.

That personality can lead to some entertaining celebrations, so now with the season over, counts down the top ten of 2014:

  1. CenturyWeakerLink

Kansas City and Seattle can claim ownership to something very unique in the National Football League—a rivalry that exists exclusively off the field.

Actually, surrounding the field.

It all started on September 15, 2013. Seahawks fans set the Guinness world record for noise level in an outdoor stadium at 136.6 decibels on Sunday Night Football against the San Francisco 49ers. The previous record had been set in 2011 at a soccer match in Turkey.

Chiefs fans took the record (137.5) from Seattle fans less than one month later, on October 13, at Arrowhead Stadium against the Oakland Raiders.

The Seahawks fans grabbed that record back on December 2 by just a tenth of a decibel point (137.6), and once again, it was up to Chiefs fans to try to get it back if they so desired.

To no surprise, they did, and on Monday Night Football on the night of September 29, 2014, Chiefs fans smashed Seattle's previous record of 137.6 by hitting 142.2 decibels with eight seconds left in the third quarter.

The No. 10 celebration of the year thus goes to the Kansas City Chiefs fan base.

* *

  1. Husain in the Membrane

During that game, with the Chiefs up 34-7 in the fourth quarter, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady threw an interception into the hands of Chiefs free safety Husain Abdullah.

Abdullah went down in the end zone in prayer as the crowd erupted, and the play sealed the win on Monday night against the eventual Super Bowl champions.

* *

  1. No, You Mike

Right before Abdullah's interception, the Chiefs looked as though they had scored on a Jamaal Charles rush and fumble recovered by left guard Mike McGlynn in the end zone.

Rare for an offensive lineman to get a touchdown, it was unfortunate to see that McGlynn's score was taken away when a review of the play showed Charles down at the 2-yard line.

On the next play, quarterback Alex Smith threw a play-action pass to Kelce for the touchdown anyway.

Knowing he will have plenty of chances in his career to celebrate his own touchdowns, Kelce handed the ball to McGlynn to spike in celebration.

* *

  1. The Ball's Too Hot

The Chiefs only led 10-7 as they opened the second half of Week 8 against the St. Louis Rams.

Knile Davis received the ball at the 1-yard line and ran the ball back 99 yards for a touchdown.

In the end zone, Davis gently placed the ball down and back-pedaled away from it with his hands in the air.  The ball was just too hot.

* *

  1. The No-Look

On the second-to-last play of the third quarter of Week 10, Smith was roughed up by Bills defensive end Manny Lawson as he tried to throw the ball away. There was some jawing back and forth after the play as Smith thought that Lawson had hit him late.

In the fourth, Smith faked the run to Charles and took the ball eight yards himself to score the go-ahead touchdown in the game. After he bulldozed another Bills defender in the end zone, Smith celebrated the touchdown by swiftly tossing the ball behind his back and making sure Lawson knew that he had scored.

* *

Photos of the best celebrations from the 2014 season.

5.  More Shmoney, Less Problems


The Chiefs were up 7-0 in the second quarter of Week 3 away against the Miami Dolphins.

On third-and-2, Kelce ran a drag route from the right side across the middle. Smith hit him and Kelce ran it 20 yards and dove into the end zone's left pylon for the first touchdown of his career.

After making it 13-0 Chiefs, Kelce got to his feet and as injured safety Sanders Commings would describe, "hit the shmoney dance."

* *

  1. Brush, that, Dirt off Your Legs

It was late in the first quarter of Monday Night Football in Week 3 and there was still no score late in the first quarter, but the Chiefs were threatening.

On first-and-2 at the 2-yard line, the Chiefs ran the ball up the middle with Jamaal Charles, who crossed the goal line in a scrum.

It was ruled a touchdown and Charles emerged with what appeared to be a good bit of dirt on him, especially his legs. He made sure to brush it off.

* *

  1. To Be the Man, You Got to Beat the Man

The Chiefs started with the football in Week 5 against San Francisco and in 12 plays marched down the field to the 49ers 2-yard line.

On third down and 2 yards to go, Smith hiked the ball from the shotgun and threw to Kelce on a tight end screen. Kelce pounded the ball in for his third touchdown in as many games.

After celebrating with his teammates, he paid tribute to WWE great Ric Flair, who maybe-not-so-ironically happens to be a very passionate San Francisco 49ers fan.

* *

  1. Cyrus is Boneless

The Chiefs already led 27-15 in Week 3 against the Dolphins, but with Miami still possessing a timeout, they had to run the ball on third-and-1 at the Dolphins 6-yard line.

Cyrus Gray seized the handoff and ran the ball up the middle for a 6-yard touchdown, but what came after was just as impressive.

Gray put on a dance performance for the ages, swaying his right hand back and forth like an elephant's trunk, and it appeared as if he had no bones in his body.

* *

  1. The Perfect Tribute

When safety Eric Berry was placed on the non-football injury list, it affected the whole team, and his teammates showed their support for him in different ways.

Perhaps the most memorable of ways came from linebacker Justin Houston, who after each game following Berry's departure wore his number 29 under his jersey.

After each sack, Houston lifted his own jersey to reveal the number 29, and because of how frequent the sacks came, especially towards the end of the season, Houston was able to remind fans that Berry was in his personal thoughts and prayers quite often.

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