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Demarcus Robinson on First-Time Pumpkin Painting

Orange you pumped for Halloween?

Fall usually means carving out time for football, costumes, foliage and, of course, pumpkins.

But for Kansas City Chiefs Demarcus Robinson, the latter is something he's never carved—literally.

Robinson and his girlfriend were looking for a fall activity and so Robinson took to Twitter.

"I've never carved a pumpkin before," Robinson laughed. "But after I tweeted that, we just decided to paint them."

While Robinson took to his artistic freedom for his pumpkin, he turned to see his girlfriend had a clear vision for hers.

"I look and she's painted it all green," Robinson explained. "Then she started painting one big eye and I yelled, 'Oh, it's Mike Wazowski!'"

 Hello Mike Wazowski  — Demarcus Robinson (@honeythunder14) October 21, 2017

And the Monsters, Inc. character is one Robinson is pretty familiar with.

"I love that movie and I use to play the video game all the time," Robinson said.

As the painting continued, the couple began brainstorming a friendly competition.

"We've seen other apartments with decorations up and thought our residence should have a pumpkin carving competition and there'd be a prize," Robinson explained.

While the competition is still in the works, Robinson doesn't think that'll be his last pumpkin experience.

"Even though it was my first time painting a pumpkin and I still haven't carved one, I think I'd do it again," Robinson reassured.

Glad they had a gourd time.

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