Dontari Poe's Touchdown Pass Inspired a Contest, and He Picked a Winner

Dontari Poe’s Touchdown Pass Inspired a Contest, and He Picked a Winner

Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Dontari Poe made history in the Chiefs win over the Denver Broncos last week, as he – at 346 pounds - became the heaviest player ever to throw a touchdown pass.

The "Bloated Tebow Pass," as Chiefs coach Andy Reid called it following the game, became an Internet sensation right away. Fans created and shared memes of Poe replacing the likes of Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving in famous moments in sports history.

The play was so popular that the Chiefs decided to hold a contest. Fans were encouraged to download an image of Poe's pass from the Chiefs website, create their own meme and share their creation on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #BloatedTebowPass.

As expected, Chiefs Kingdom delivered.

After careful consideration, Poe selected his favorite meme from five finalists. 
@GreatScotch will win a signed photo of Poe for his creative efforts.

The winner:

The best of the rest:

When Mom Puts the Treats on the Top Shelf

Just a Day at the Beach

Doing the Freestyle

Poe-try in Motion

Captain Poe to the Rescue

Dreams Do Come True

The Finishing Touch

Don Tari Wan Kenobi

Mari-Poe Chalmers

Available at a Store Near You

Poe on the Mound

It only takes one throw to be a hero. @Chiefs @PoeMans_dream #BloatedTebowPass — Michael Barrows (@Barrowsm) December 28, 2016

Cookies and Milk

The Michelangelo

At the Nelson

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