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Fans Receive 'First Look' at 2013 Chiefs


As the team continues preparations for the upcoming season, Chiefs fans were invited to an exclusive event, First Look 2013, at the University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex during mandatory Minicamp last week.

"With all of the moves made this offseason, the organization felt it was important to open our doors to our fans and give them a behind-the-scenes 'First Look' at the 2013 Chiefs," Kellen Begnoche, Chiefs Suite Services Coordinator explained.

"It was an opportunity for us to say 'thank you' for their support of the organization, while also giving them a chance to see the team, meet Ambassadors and visit with front-office staff. It was important to us to allow fans the opportunity to get the first look at Alex Smith, Eric Fisher, Coach Reid, his staff, and all of the new faces."

Chiefs Suite Holders and Season Ticket Holders (STH) were excited to see their 2013 Chiefs up close and personal for the first time. Plus, Head Coach Andy Reid, General Manager John Dorsey and President Mark Donovan visited with guests after practice, along with a few former Chiefs players including Bobby Bell, Trent Green, Anthony Davis, Deron Cherry and Kevin Lockett. 

"We had an awesome, exclusive opportunity to watch Chiefs Minicamp and get the first look at the new team for 2013," Kathy Pierce, STH for 29 years noted. "It was almost a training camp environment, but more personal. It was a wonderful opportunity; seeing the players and coaches up close was the best part."

Chiefs Season Ticket Holders were given a chance to redeem their points for an invitation for two to attend this event via

"This was one of the many great prizes available on," Jayne Martin, Chiefs Director of Fan Experience explained. "We are offering new prizes weekly and encourage all Season Ticket Holders to frequently visit so they can also enjoy the benefits of their association."

Kathy Pierce and her husband made the three-hour drive that morning from Salina, Kansas to participate in the event and said it was well worth it.

"Everything about this event was first class and above and beyond my expectations," Pierce explained. "All of the appearances by the former players, John Dorsey and Andy Reid were such an added bonus. It seems like there is even more of an emphasis on fan experience this year and I really appreciate that."

Jim Prevost, a STH since 1968, felt appreciated by the Chiefs for his loyalty to the team throughout the years.

"It means a lot to be a part of this event," Prevost commented. "This is a real response from the Chiefs towards those of us that have stuck with them through all the years, all the ups and downs, and it is an incredible opportunity to be able to watch the players on the field and meet some of the Ambassadors and coaches."

President Mark Donovan expressed gratitude for the fans' support.

"This event was about saying thank you to all of our fans," Donovan noted. "We appreciated everyone coming out and hopefully they all got a little bit more of an inside look as to what's going on over here."

The atmosphere and the guests were high spirited and enthusiastic; they were delighted to have the chance for a glimpse inside the Chiefs practice and at the new team.

"I'm almost speechless to know that I get the opportunity to be included in this first time exclusive event," Suite Holder Angela Garner said. "This is what I love about the Chiefs. I feel like I'm part of a huge family. That's the part I love about being a Chiefs Suite Holder."

This was the first year the Chiefs have held this event and are hoping to continue events like it in the future.

"The Chiefs belong to the community and the fans," Begnoche noted. "We are always looking for exclusive opportunities to engage and reward them for their continued support."

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