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Five Takeaways from Head Coach Andy Reid's Press Conference Monday

Reid addressed the local media after the loss to the Minnesota Vikings

*Injury Update: Both DL Mike DeVito and WR Jeremy Maclin have a concussion. The Chiefs plan to take the injuries to DT Dontari Poe (high ankle) and LB Josh Mauga (groin/Achilles) "day by day" this week.*

Having watched the film, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid described his thoughts on the game.

"It was a game of two halves," he explained. "The first half probably couldn't have been any worse offensively for sure—51 total yards and 50 yards of penalties. That's terrible production. Gave up too many long throws, field position became a factor in the first half. The second half, I thought both the pass defense and the offense tightened it up a little bit and were more productive. 136 yards or something of that sort in the third quarter- that's good production, but you have to do that for four quarters, which we haven't accomplished. So we've got to take what we did there in the third quarter and the early part of the Houston game, throughout the good part of the Denver game and so on. We've got to make sure that we are able to do what we do best, put it out there and do it for four quarters."

Reid understands the urgency that comes along with a 1-5 record and said he still holds belief in the team.

"As a coach, you're a problem solver, and I've got to solve the problems and get that done quick here," he said. "I still believe in my locker room, I believe in our coaches. We need to get over this hump here and figure out a way to play better football consistently. That's the challenge and that's the way I approach it."

Reid liked the way running back Charcandrick West performed in his first start.

"It's too bad it ended the way it did," he said. "There were some good performances in this game. There were some positive things in this game and they're going to get overlooked because we didn't win the game. But Charcandrick did some nice things. We had 24 plays in the first half, so he didn't get to show much there. I thought as things went on he did some nice things. Got a couple of good blitz pickups, he had a couple good runs, ran hard and aggressive. He has to hang onto the football. He learned a lesson, whether it's your own guy punching it out- not by purpose obviously- or somebody else hits it. It doesn't matter. You have to keep it high and tight."

Reid evaluated quarterback Alex Smith's play to this point of the season.

"I think Alex has done some good things," he said. "I think playing that position, you're always going to keep working to get yourself better, which he'll do and that's the way he's wired. I think he's taken a lot of hits, too many hits. I've got to make sure I take care of that part. It's hard to play that position and do that and survive throughout the year. He pushed himself through, got the guys around him I thought he did a pretty good job there. We just have to be more consistent start faster and know what we need to do all the way around."

After his interception, rookie cornerback Marcus Peters handed Reid the ball. Reid explained the moment from his point of view.

"He's a young guy and he hears me say it to him all the time—you just stay aggressive and something good is going to happen," he said. "If you really study that play, that was a heck of a play, a crossing route coming from the other side. He held his guy off, had vision back to that and had the instincts enough and awareness enough to take care of those big time plays. I took it as just that. He knew I was there with him and he said, 'Here, go try and score a touchdown now.'"

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