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Five Takeaways from Head Coach Andy Reid's Press Conference Wednesday

Reid addressed the local media as the team prepares for the Detroit Lions in London

*Injury Update: DL Mike DeVito (concussion), OL Ben Grubbs (neck), LB Tamba Hali (knee) and LB Ramik Wilson (high ankle) did not practice. *



Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid spoke to the challenges of playing in London this week.

"I think the primary one is just travel; it's a nine hour flight," he said, "so you try to make the players as comfortable as you possibly can and get rest. We're flying at night, we're leaving in the evening and we're flying all night, so it's important that they get rest on the flight, the best way they can. Particularly, the big guys; planes can be a little tight, even big seats are a little tight. So you've just got to get rest and then Friday is a workday, so once we get over there – and then you have the time change. I would probably tell you that those are the primary things."

Reid shared his thoughts on the new-look offensive line that debuted on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"I wanted to make sure that we had the guys in there that – first of all, it was good to get Jeff [Allen] back, he added into the equation. He had been working at tight end, and we were just seeing if he could push off – that full push off that you need to go, not just five plays again, but sixty or seventy plays a game and we felt like he got to that point. With that, he brings a certain attitude in there, along with the other guys.

"I mentioned before that Larry [Duvernay-Tardif] is not lacking in toughness. I mean, he's about as tough as you're going to get in there and he brings a certain attitude. And so I was looking for that, that's what I was looking for. And we need to get better, there are some young guys in there, so we need to keep getting better and building on that, but you need to bring a certain attitude at that position. It's not one week, you've got to do that every week. And then every day in practice that you have an opportunity to go against each other, you've got to bring it there. And we're learning as we go here."

While Reid was happy with the performance of running back Charcandrick West last week, he'll look for that same kind of effort this week.

"They're reminded of this often," he explained, "but this business isn't necessarily about what you did yesterday, it's about what you can do today. And so he's going to work on that today. His body feels maybe a little different than it did in previous weeks because of the carries, but what are you going to do? How are you going to handle that? And then tomorrow, that's your first Thursday after a full start – what are you going to do then? And then eventually, you get to Sunday and then how are you going to handle that? And then you start all over again."

Reid thought rookie wide receiver Chris Conley's performance against Pittsburgh was already in the making.

"You saw it in Minnesota, when he was taken out and then he had to come back in," he said. "The way he handled that, I thought was mature for a young guy. Very easily you put it aside and you pout and do that, that's not where he went. He figured it out - had to move a position over because of Jeremy (Maclin), so without a lot of reps there, he moved over and handled that and made a big catch in the process there. And he came back this week and he did have a few reps at that position because Jeremy – the earlier part of the week, Jeremy was out, he handled himself well during practice.

"I think when you're around him, you get the feeling like he's a perfectionist, he wants to make it right. He seems to be kind of wired that way, so he takes it seriously. And I think that showed up."

Reid has liked the progress of cornerback Sean Smith since his return.

"I think every week he's getting more comfortable. This is kind of his training camp, as we've gone the first couple of weeks with it and I think you'll see him just keep getting better and better. And kind of getting his body underneath him and legs and all of that that goes with it."

A look inside week 8's practice session as the Kansas City Chiefs prepare to take on the Detroit Lions in London.

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