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Five Things to Know About Veteran Linebacker Tamba Hali

Getting to know one of the Chiefs’ leaders in the locker room


Hali grew up amidst a civil war and had to flee his native Liberia at the age of 10. **
According to a USA Today article from 2006, Hali went through a childhood filled with despicable sights, including the constant fear of death.

"It's hard to explain to somebody what it's like on the other side when they haven't really gone through it," Hali says of growing up in a civil war. "I mean, we produce a lot of (video) war games and we've seen what happened in Iraq. It's hard to really explain being actually in that situation and feeling, 'Maybe today I could die' and watching people get killed."

Obviously, Hail would eventually make it to the United States, where he played football for Penn State before being drafted by the Chiefs in 2006.

Hali has a daughter, Sia, who you can frequently find him tweeting about on social media.

Music is a huge part of Hali's life.

Hali loves music, and you can often see him around the University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex with headphones on, listening to his favorite tunes.

Hali told HipHopOverload he "grew up in church singing and playing the drums" when he was a child in Liberia.

It was when he arrived to the United States in 1994 that he begun listening to Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G. and other east coast rappers. Hali now owns a record label called "Relumae Records."


The first sack of Tamba Hali's career came against then-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith.

The first year of Hali's career was in 2007 and his first sack of it came in the third game, a 41-0 home victory over the 49ers. At the time, Alex Smith was the quarterback of San Francisco.

"We just came out here and played all-out and played with our heart," Hali, then a rookie, said in the **Associated Press* article recapping the game. "We're going to let teams know that we have a good defense." *

Hali recently used social media to express how happy he was to remain a Chief for the 2015 season and beyond.

In case you missed it, on March 9, Hali tweeted this:

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