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The account offers snapshots of great moments in the team’s past


The Kansas City Chiefs have a rich history, and now there's an Instagram account to commemorate some of the best memories the team has to offer.

It's called "chiefshistory."

"Some of the memories are well known, but have been forgotten," said team historian Bob Moore, who is overseeing the project. "Others, in some instances, have never been known but are small reminders. There will be small photographs of players from the past that will bring back memories as well as let fans know that the day they are reading in some instances is the day when a major event took place.

"It generally will follow a particular course that may have something to do with that time of year or it may have to do with, for example, the games we played when we were overseas. It brought back some memories of past overseas games."

Kingdoms Unite: American Bowl 1994- Tokyo, Japan An anecdote from Chiefs historian Bob Moore: "This trip turned out to be one of the longest in team history and was not without the usual inconveniences that international travelers experience when traveling overseas. Although team trips are always by charter, given NFL rules, this was the first of two trips by the team to Japan and included a traveling party of 377 packed inside an Air Japan aircraft for 13 hours. To first-time visitors who could not recall what time zone they were in, Chiefs VP Tim Connolly remarked, 'Every hour is rush hour in Tokyo.' The heat at times was unbearable, as it would be the entire time the team was in Japan, never dipping under 90 degrees. It had never reached 90 degrees at the teams' training facility in River Falls, Wis. prior to the trip. As done in a prior overseas trip to Berlin in 1990, Chiefs GM Carl Peterson sprinkled a series of trips and events around the playing of the game, including: the Imperial Palace, the gardens of the Meiji Shrine, the Ginza shopping district and the Tsukiji Fish Market. When the players did get out, on occasion, many looked to scoop up everything the Japanese tech world had to offer. Sadly, many failed to realize that cellphones, which looked tiny in the large hands of the lineman, weren't going to work very well back in the states. Just four years later, the team would make the trip again, if with a smaller traveling party, but with the usual delays and plenty of heat and humidity." #KingdomsUnite #ChiefsHistory

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If you're a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, the "chiefshistory" Instagram is a must-follow.

"It's easy to read, it's easy to find and it's very short," Moore added. "It just gives you a small blip and in today's digital interactive world, it's something that you can take a look at, it's something you can pass along to your friends and it's very interchangeable with people who are also Chiefs fans and you may in many instances have actually enjoyed that game we're talking about.

"It makes it very easy for you to send along to another Chiefs fan and gives you something to talk about."

Follow "chiefshistory" today.

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