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Former Cardinals Offensive Lineman Paul Fanaika Happy to be a Chief

The five-year pro started 30 games in the past two seasons

Standing at an intimidating 6-foot-5 and 327 pounds, offensive lineman Paul Fanaika, one of the newest Kansas City Chiefs, is surprisingly soft-spoken.

When you ask him something, his answers are simple, but they are very much to the point. For example, when questioned about why he liked Kansas City as a landing spot for the 2015 season, Fanaika plainly pointed at the Chiefs' rich history.


"It's a great franchise," he said. "One of the original teams, and the familiarity with coach (Andy) Reid, just the whole situation, it just seemed right."

After being drafted by Reid with the Eagles in 2009, Fanaika bumped around the league for bit, stopping in Washington, Cleveland and Seattle before finally earning a starting role at right guard with the Arizona Cardinals.

A free agent this past offseason, Fanaika recalled how much he enjoyed playing for Reid as a rookie.

"It was a lot of fun," he said. "One thing about coach Reid is his ability to connect with players. Having played for him before, it just felt good."

On the field, Fanaika explained that he is a stickler for the smallest intricacies of the game.

Photos of the Chiefs offensive lineman Paul Fanaika

"I pride myself in the technique, my attention to detail when it comes to technique, my ability to move guys off the ball," he explained. "The key to playing O-line is just being tough and smart, so I think I'll fit in just fine."

Since coming to the Chiefs, Fanaika said that he had the opportunity to meet with offensive line coach Andy Heck, along with assistant OL coach Eugene Chung. Already, he said he feels they will be good teachers, and he's looking forward to working with them.

But more than anything, Fanaika was glad that this part of the process is finished and he can now focus on getting ready for the season. "I felt relief," he said when asked how it felt to get the deal wrapped up. "The whole free agency process was over and it was onto the next step."

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