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Fresh Takes: 8/14 Training Camp Practice

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid spoke to the media after practice at #ChiefsCamp

On the military visiting practice: "Great to have the military out here and their support. We know and appreciate how much they do so we can do this. Not only the media, but also the fans and us as players and coaches so we appreciate it all."

On camp as a whole: "We finished up practice today. We appreciate the people here in St. Joe—they've been great. And at the university here—they've been phenomenal. They take care of us like no other and the fans have been awesome. Everyday we come out it seems like they loaded up here and that gives you a little energy especially when you're going through the dog days here with training camp. And I appreciate the way the players practiced this camp. They came in, they attacked it. They came in great shape and then they attacked the camp and we were able to keep the injuries at a minimum which is always a concern and we were able to get a lot of work done with that."

On the past week of practice: "They battled strong this past week. This was a grinder. Once you get into the games, you kind of think you've got normal weeks and then all of a sudden you get a 10-dayer handed to you after the first preseason game, after you've grinded it out to get to that point and that can be a little tough mentally. They pounded right through it."

On whether team is where he'd like them to be: "They're there for what we've done. We got to play these preseason games, we got to finish up the rest of camp, but where we wanted to be for this time, we're right there. And it's a tribute to the coaches and players for that and they got to pound through now the rest of this camp and get ourselves ready to play in a game."

On what he sees that leads him to feeling that way: "Well, I talked to you about challenge and back-and-forth every day. So, the last ten days here, it's been a lot of one-on-one. And so, you see it. You see back-and-forth production and that to me is a positive thing. If one side is dominating the other side every snap, you might have a problem. They go back and forth and with my experience, you've done it for a couple years and just feel that they've got some good work there and they're in a good place."

On how much Seattle's ability to rotate guys in the defense helped them last year: "They do a good job with that and they got a lot of players that they feel comfortable doing that with. I think some of the things that we've seen are these young guys that can play for you. In particular, in pass-rush situations. Well, that makes everybody's job a little easier. So, they've got a good secondary in Seattle, but they'll be the first to tell you that it starts up front with the pressure they're able to put on. I've seen that from our guys here. We've got some guys that we feel comfortable putting in and rolling with and now they just got to keep coming."

On kicking competition: "I told you before. They kick and it's like watching the World Cup. I love watching them, the competition, but they're so close every day. I mean it's crazy. They're both right there."

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