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Is Dontari Poe the Most Efficient Offensive Player the NFL Has Ever Seen?

Every offensive play he has come in for during his career, he has scored a touchdown

Before the Kansas City Chiefs ever selected defensive tackle Dontari Poe in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft, there was his combine workout.

The idea that a 346-pound man could run a 40-yard dash in 4.98 seconds wasn't only unprecedented—it was incredible.

And once he was a Chief, he proved the organization made the right selection by becoming an elite player on the middle of Bob Sutton's defensive line.

But during the past two years, he's been more than that to Kansas City.

Summing in up in as few words as possible—three plays, three touchdowns. 

2015: Week 11 vs. the San Diego Chargers

In 2015, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid showed he had so much confidence in Poe's ability that he gave him the first offensive call of his career on a fourth-down play in a game tied with no score.

With less than three minutes left in the first quarter, quarterback Alex Smith handed it off to Poe at the Chargers' goal line, and Poe barreled his way into the end zone for the touchdown.

2016: Week 6 vs. the Oakland Raiders

Chiefs fans would have to wait 329 days for Poe's next appearance on offense.

It came Week 6 of this past season, away against the Oakland Raiders.

With the Chiefs facing third-and-goal on the Raiders goal line, Reid called "Hungry Pig Right," which was a play that had Poe set up wide right behind three blockers. Smith passed Poe the ball, which he caught with no problem.

Although the play was later ruled a rush due to it technically being a lateral play, it will always count as a receiving touchdown in our hearts.

2016: Week 16 vs. the Denver Broncos

The Chiefs were already up 27-10, but this play put the exclamation point on Sunday Night Football. Facing third-and-goal, Reid sent Poe in, and the crowd went crazy. 

Entering the game in what originally appeared to be Wildcat formation, Poe took a direct snap, faked a run, and then lobbed the ball to tight end Demetirus Harris in jump shot fashion.

The Chiefs went up 33-10 and won by that score.

Three offensive plays for Poe in three different AFC West games for three touchdowns—efficiency at its finest.

A look at some of the best photos of Chiefs defensive lineman Dontari Poe (92)

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