"Lindbergh Chiefs" Represent Chiefs Kingdom at Pro Bowl

There’s a league-wide flag football tournament happening down in Orlando


It was Christmas morning last month in St. Louis, Missouri, but there was no way to predict the gift that was to come to Paul Miller and the Lindbergh Flyers.

"We got a call Christmas Day for this flag football NFL tournament to represent the Kansas City Chiefs," Miller said. "Talk about a great Christmas present—going down to Orlando."

The Lindbergh Flyers are a team of eighth-graders made up of 13 and 14-year-old students from Lindbergh High School in St. Louis.

On Friday and Saturday during Pro Bowl Week in Orlando, the Lindbergh Flyers transformed into the "Lindbergh Chiefs," as they participated in the NFL Flag Championships at the Pro Bowl.

Miller's son, Logan, is the team's center.

"This is once-in-a-lifetime experience," Miller said. "It's four days at the Disney property with my son playing football. It doesn't get much better than this."

In addition to playing in a single-elimination tournament, the team was greeted on the field Friday afternoon by Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill, who quickly caught everyone's attention. Former Chiefs linebackers and current Ambassadors Shawn Barber and Anthony Davis are also down in Orlando serving as the team's honorary coaches.

"I think they're all taller than Tyreek, so I think Tyreek felt intimidated," Davis joked. "They were so excited. They knew who he was. I heard some of the players say, 'That's one of the best players in the NFL,' so that has to be great for Tyreek and Kansas City."

Davis, who was enthusiastic on the sideline during each of the Lindbergh Chiefs' games Friday, felt honored to help represent the team with Barber.

"This is exciting," Davis said. "To see these young men come out here, eyes wide open, they don't know what to expect, playing against different teams throughout the United States. It's so exciting, then to see how they work together."

Only four of the 10 Lindbergh Chiefs were added since the team members began playing together in sixth grade, and many of the players were conversions from tackle football to flag.

That, Miller explained, was an interesting transition.


"Most of these experienced guys are tackle football players," Miller said. "We had to really working on breaking them of tackling and going for the flag."

That impressed Davis, who of course, played tackle football at the highest level for a number of teams, including the Chiefs, from 1992 to 2000.

Davis said he hoped both he and Barber's presence in Orlando could propel them to a tournament win. As they played the games, the former linebackers provided words of encouragement, as well as mid-game tips.

"You can catch them peeking at you from time to time just to make sure that what they're doing is correct," Davis said. "Young men and men, we don't show our excitement too much, but I know that they feel very, very happy about us being here."

Here are the members of the "Lindbergh Chiefs" from St. Louis, Missouri:

The Lindbergh Chiefs

Bonczkowski, Mitchell

Clancy, Aidan

Clinton, Alec

Guirl, Broden

Kopp, Logan

Lorenz, Josh

Miller, Logan

Price, Tobias

Reed, Adam

Simpson, Nick

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