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Minicamp Day One Recap

View press conferences and quotes from day one of minicamp


Q: Is there a big difference between what happens in OTAs and minicamp?

SMITH: "I think it's a continuation of the OTAs. There are less guidelines as far as the hours. Obviously we can be here all day. We get the morning walk through. I think the biggest thing is we all know that this is the culmination of our offseason, so to speak. So I think in that sense, the sense of urgency is just turned up. These are our last three days of practice. You're trying to end on a great note and really finish off this offseason."

Q: How did Travis Kelce look?

SMITH: "I thought he looked great. It's great to see him out here. He's been working his tail off for a long time now and it's tough work behind the scenes. He's been here trying to get it right, so this is just the next step for him. I thought he looked good."

Q: What about De'Anthony Thomas?

SMITH: "A little bit of a crash course for him, just because of (Oregon) with the quarter system, it's tough. We're trying to cram a lot in in three days. A lot of reps, a lot of mental stuff. I'm sure he'll be spending a little bit these few days (working on that.)"

Q: Isn't the mental side one of the things that makes this different than OTAs?

SMITH: "Yeah, we have more time for install, so we're not as crammed on time and we can install. We get the walk through to go through these different looks and then after we get through all of the film. It's tough in OTAs to squeeze all that in in six hours. So, minicamp-wise, a little more relaxed pace. We really can take our time and kind of zero in on details."

Q: Is there ever a time that you have enough time to do everything?

SMITH: "Yeah I mean you're always trying to cram it in and be as efficient as possible and get more time, especially come season because now not only are you focusing on what you have to do, you're trying to look at their stuff as well."


Q: Did it become a little more real to you now that Brandon is not here?

COOPER: "You know every day I come out here as if I was the starter. I can't say that it's a different feeling or it's not. Whether Brandon was here or wasn't I still would still compete as if I was going for the starting job. There's no big difference."

Q: What do you feel that you need to do to get that job?

COOPER: "Keep grinding, just getting better every day, keep the deep balls out, be quick at the defensive line, and just keep doing the stuff that we do as the Kansas City Chiefs corners."

Q: What would you say your weaknesses are as a player right now?

COOPER: "Everything. I'm still learning the position, you know. In the grand scheme of things, I still have to continue to work on everything I do out there." 

Q: Coming in as a possible starter instead of a seventh round draft pick, do you lose your edge?

COOPER: "Oh no. You have no time to lose that. This game's not for long and you really have to come out there at the top of your peak. That's what I try to do every day."

Q: Do you gain an edge with this opportunity?

COOPER: "Like I said, I continue to go in daily, every day as a starter no matter what. There's no gain. There's no drop off. I just continue to make the team."

Q: Collectively, how does the secondary feel with everyone being gone?

COOPER: "We've got a good group of guys here. I'm sorry for the guys that have departed. We can't look at what they're doing. We have to focus on us and the opportunity to get better as a group."

Q: Does that create a void in leadership?

COOPER: "No, we still have a couple of our guys here minus Flowers and those other guys. We all have to step up at different times and we all have to come at times. We just all are going to collectively lead and push forward."

Q: Where were you when Flowers was released?

COOPER: "I had just finished working out here. I found out when you guys probably found out."

Q: What was your immediate reaction personally?

COOPER: "I can't get into that. I am just worried about myself and worried about my football shift." 


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