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New Kansas City CB KeiVarae Russell Featured on ESPN's Sport Science

Russell fractured his tibia in his final season at Notre Dame

With their second third-round selection on Friday night, the Kansas City Chiefs selected KeiVarae Russell, a cornerback from Notre Dame who fractured his leg in the team's second-to-last regular season game against Boston College.

That injury opened the door for ESPN's "Sports Science," which hopped on the opportunity to host Russell at its lab for post-injury testing.

You can watch the video by clicking the link above.

What the lab found were some fascinating results, including the following: - Russell appears to be just fine

  • At one point during the video, Russell launches his body off the ground, landing 16 feet from his takeoff point, which is longer than three-time All-Pro safety Earl Thomas' measure when he took the same test
  • Russell hit a higher top speed (19.53) on his sprint than any defensive player that has been tested in the lab this year, including Vonn Bell and Noah Spence

The video comes to a conclusion that Russell was a steal from the draft, ranking his performance in the lab at 90.1, higher than the score of San Diego Chargers Pro Bowl cornerback Jason Verrett's (89.9).

It's worth the watch, and you can find it here.

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