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New Rule Changes Coming in 2014

A summary of proposal and bylaw results and a discussion on sportsmanship

The 2014 NFL Owners Meetings concluded Wednesday, but not before NFL Competition Committee Chairman Rich McKay and Competition Committee member Jeff Fisher provided a summary of the rule proposals and bylaw proposals that were reviewed and later approved, denied or 'tabled' for future discussion.


Jeff Fisher addressed the media Wednesday morning and emphasized the productive sportsmanship discussions that took place, during the week.

"In addition to the bylaw proposals and the playing-rule proposals, we had some rather productive and lengthy discussions, with respect to sportsmanship," Fisher said. "We talked about conduct in the workplace and those discussions were equally as productive. With respect to sportsmanship on the playing field, the committee agreed, after looking at a lot of tape, after talking and consulting with different entities, we agreed that we have an issue on the field. We agreed that we are going to get it under control as soon as we possibly can. Our taunting numbers increased from nine and 12 to 34 last year and we are going to effect change in that immediately; change will be effected as early as the OTAs, when the guys come back. We have to change our conduct on the field. We have to bring the element of respect to its highest level back to our game."


Prior to Fisher's summary, Rich McKay offered a summary of the proposals from the meetings; below are just a few that were discussed.

Changes in 2014

  1. When Justin Houston, Tamba Hali, Dontari Poe and the rest of the Chiefs defensive players record a QB sack outside of two minutes, the clock will continue to run, versus being previously stopped on such plays.
  1. The proposal by the New England Patriots to extend the goal posts by five feet (from 30 feet to 35 feet) has passed.
  1. What has become more-popularly known as the "NaVorro Bowman Rule", which allows the officials to make the recovery of a loose ball in the field of play a reviewable call passed. In the 2013 NFC title game, Bowman clearly recovered a would-be fumble, but at that time, the play couldn't be reviewed.

Denied Proposals

  1. The proposal by multiple teams to expand the list of reviewable plays was denied.
  1. A proposal to move the kickoff to the 40-yard line did not pass.
  1. The proposal to allow an unlimited number of players on injured reserve to return to the active roster was also denied.

Proposals that were 'Tabled'

  1. A proposal to move the extra point to the 25-yard line, making the PAT a 43-yard kick was not approved, but instead tabled. A two-preseason game test this year will take place with the extra point scrimmage line being the 20-yard line.
  1. The proposal for the elimination of overtime in the preseason was tabled.
  1. The initiative to increase the practice squad from eight to ten players was tabled and so was the proposal to add three more players to rosters for Thursday night games, from 46-49.
  1. Teams with retractable roofs will have to wait before a decision is made on whether or not they will be allowed to open their roof, during halftime at games, for weather-related purposes.
  1. The proposal for fixed cameras on all boundary lines, while it was definitely looked at and will be looked at again with TV broadcast partners, was tabled.  
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