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New Rules Adopted by NFL Regarding Instant Replay

The NFL has expanded the use of instant replay

On Tuesday, the National Football League announced that they have made additions to the rules regarding the use of instant replay as we head into the 2016 season.

The changes were made to Rule 15, Section 2 (Instant Replay, pgs. 63-64).

Here's what has been added to the use of instant replay:

"The Replay Official and designated members of the Officiating Department at the League office may consult with the on-field officials to provide information on the correct application of playing rules, including appropriate assessment of penalty yardage, proper down, and status of the game clock."

Basically, the NFL wants to make sure they get things right and now the league office has the power to provide help to the officials on the field.

Under Article 5 (reviewable plays), here are the additions to what the league office can help with moving forward:

(h) Game administration:

  1. Penalty enforcement
  2. Proper down
  3. Spot of a foul
  4. Status of the game clock

It's all about getting it right, and these measures will help make sure that some obvious things aren't missed by the officials on the field.

Here's a look at the entire section of these rules that reflects these changes.

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