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NFL Adopts New Rules for 2018, Including Changes to Kickoff

The NFL Spring meetings have brought some changes for next season

With the league meetings taking place this week in Atlanta, NFL owners have already adopted two new rules for the 2018 season, including one that's going to be obvious to everyone from the very first kick of the game.

There will be a major change to how kickoffs look in the NFL this season.

In conjunction with coaches across the league, here's a look at the new rule and what it means:

The other rule, which will also be a big change this season, is in regards helmet-to-helmet hits.

As per the video the NFL released explaining the new rule, "it is a foul if a player lowers his head to initiate and make contact with his helmet against an opponent."

Here's a look at the video, which explains the rule further and goes as far to show specific examples of what an illegal hit looks like. 

The owners also adopted a new addition to a rule that was passed last March, which said that officials can make ejections after replays.

Well, now the opposite is true as well. Officials can double-check their decision to disqualify a player.

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