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Kansas City Chiefs Official Team Website | Compares Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles to the Planet Neptune

Add another comparison to the long list

With how dynamic of a player he is, Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles draws all sorts of comparisons.

The list is diverse enough to include past players like Jim Brown and Barry Sanders, dinner food and even fancy cars.

As of Friday, add "planet" to the list. released their list of player planet comparisons, and yes, the Chiefs running back made the cut.


Jamaal Charles \ Neptune

Neptune likes to fly under the radar. The closest planet to Earth not visible to the naked eye, Neptune is sly but also speedy. From its mere 16-hour days to the winds swirling around its atmosphere at 1,300 miles per hour, Neptune is all about fast. Elusive and quick, that's a great way to sum up Kansas City's Pro Bowl running back Jamaal Charles. The Chiefs' speedster has racked up 1,000 or more yards in his past five full seasons and remains one of the most dynamic open-field ball carriers in the league. For defenders, it sometimes seems like he's not visible to the naked eye either. For the rest of the planet comparisons, click here.

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