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NFL Owners Approve To Move Extra Point Attempts Back for 2015 Season

A couple of rule changes you need to know


NFL owners have approved the competition committee's proposal on extra points for next season.

The extra point attempt will now take place from the 15-yard line, and defenses will now also have the opportunity to score on a return of a failed two-point conversion. The two-point conversion attempt will still take place from the 2-yard line. Under the previous rule the ball was dead after the failed attempt.

The proposal passed by a vote of 30-2 at the NFL Spring Meeting in San Francisco. Only 24 votes were needed in order for these changes to be adopted.

This is an attempt to make the extra point more exciting of a play. Last year, better than 99-percent of extra points were converted.

In 2015, these kicks will be from 32-33 yards.  

According to Pro Football Focus, kickers converted 97.6 percent of field goals between 30-35 yards last year from the center mark.

In an article by Kevin Seifert of ESPN, those numbers were extrapolated to extra points for the 2014 season to see what change there might have been.

"At 97.6 percent accuracy, we would have seen 1,200 of 1,230 extra points converted. Instead of eight misses (as there were), there would have been 30."

One other interesting note is that a team can change their decision if a penalty is called. If the offense jumps offsides during a two-point converstion attempt, they can then opt to kick the extra point instead.

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