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NFL Power Rankings: What Do Experts Think About the Chiefs Now?

The latest rankings are out

The Kansas City Chiefs (7-2) have won five straight games and are tied for the best record in the AFC with the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots.

Outside of the Dallas Cowboys, who have won eight straight, the Chiefs' five-game winning streak is also the best mark in the league.

As is the case every Tuesday morning, the experts have put out their latest power rankings—breaking down the NFL based upon their opinions on where the teams rank from top to bottom.

According to NFL media analyst Elliott Harrison of, the Chiefs actually dropped one spot from last week after their 20-17 comeback victory over the defending NFC champion Carolina Panthers.

The Chiefs come in at No. 4 this week in Harrison's rankings, and here's what he had to say:

"Eric Berry won the day in Carolina. What a play. The Chiefs blitzed Cam Newton right up the gut, and when the Panthers quarterback decided to shoot the ball up the seam, Berry read it beautifully from his center field spot. After catching the ball in mid-flight, he weaved and spun his way to the game's most important score."

For a full breakdown on Harrison's rankings, click here.

To round out the AFC West, which is inarguably the best division in football, the Oakland Raiders come in at No. 5 while the Denver Broncos come in at No. 6. The San Diego Chargers come in at No. 19 this week.

Here's where the Chiefs stand with a few of the other power rankings around the league:

ESPN –**No. 5**

"The Chiefs are now 17-2 in their past 19 games dating back to last season, with 15 giveaways to 45 takeaways over that span. The next best turnover differential in that time is plus-14 by the Vikings. The Chiefs take on the turnover-prone Buccaneers in Week 11."

Bleacher Report –**No. 4**

"A word about that defense: It's awesome. Eric Berry's pick-six was every bit as good as the Landon Collins one everyone raved about a few weeks ago. And Marcus Peters finally broke through after 45-plus minutes of nearly picking Cam Newton off. His forced fumble was amazing.

Looking forward: Justin Houston could make his NFL return against Buccaneers tackle Donovan Smith. If Houston is healthy at all, Smith is in for a long day."

Yahoo Sports –**No. 4**

"It's hard to ignore 18 wins in 21 games, which is the streak the Chiefs are on counting playoffs. However, I have them a step behind the top three, especially now that Seattle has actually shown what its upside is this season. But, 18 of 21. That's not easy to do. This is a quality team."

CBS Sports –**No. 3**

"That was a telling victory at Carolina, coming back from down 17-0. They are as hot as any team in the league."

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