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Nick Foles Impresses Against Former Team on Saturday Night

Foles was released by the Rams three weeks ago

It might have just been the second preseason game of the year, but it meant a little something extra to former Rams quarterback Nick Foles, who spent all of last season with the team he faced on Saturday night.

"It's always emotional when you go back to playing a team that you played with," Foles explained. "There's a lot of friends that I kept in touch with or bonded with in my year [with the Rams]. So just to see them all and play against them, play against your old coaches, there is an emotion to that.

"But, it was fun to go out there with my new teammates and just continue that bonding and just play some ball."

Foles did play some ball, finishing the game having completed 18 of 22 passes for 133 yards, including one fantastic drive at the end of the first half.

"In that drive we had a little over 3 minutes on the clock, and it was really just getting into a rhythm, get that ball down, and get some points on the board," Foles added. "We'd really like to come away with a touchdown.

"To get the ball down to a foot, or whatever it may have been, and you don't get in - that's always tough."

On that drive, Foles looked to have control of an offensive scheme that he's only been studying for the past couple of weeks.

While some of the language and terminology is the same from back in 2012—his rookie year with head coach Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles—the differences are enough that he's been cramming and staying after practice for extra time in the film room over the past 17 days.

"I think this week compared to last week I feel a lot more comfortable," Foles explained. "Just every single day, football just starts coming back. The feel for just being in the huddle, learning the plays, and just getting acclimated to the offense. It's an offense that I ran four or five years ago, but it's also changed quite a bit.

"So there is a learning curve, but I have great coaches and my teammates have helped me a lot along on the way. I'm always asking Alex (Smith), Aaron (Murray), Tyler (Bray), and Kevin (Hogan), I ask them questions and they always help me, so that's something you really like."

Postgame facts and stats from the Chiefs second preseason game against the LA Rams.

With the kind of performance he had on Saturday night—coming in after starter Alex Smith, who also played well, Foles said that his confidence is coming with the familiarity in what he's doing.

"Instead of really thinking through the play, it's turning into a reaction and that's what you want as a quarterback," he added. "You don't want to have to really think, you just want to know and just see everything, like all right, it's Cover-2, and so I know where to go. Stuff like that.

"That was more there today than it has been."

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