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Nine Things We Learned From Chiefs Media Availability on Thursday

The Chiefs coordinators spoke with the media after Thursday’s walk through

Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson was asked about the pressure the Green Bay Packers used and found success with against the Chiefs last Monday night, and if they expect to see that again on Sunday against the Bengals.

"Yeah, Cincinnati is another defense that will do the same thing. They're an attack-style, very aggressive. Anything you see on tape, you say 'hey, we can do the same thing,' especially if it's in your package. I wouldn't expect anything different each week, teams are going to pressure you anyway. Again, we just have to look at that film, make those corrections and move on to the next one."

Pederson assured Alex Smith's confidence level would stay strong following the Monday night loss and heading into Sunday's matchup in Cincinnati.

"He's the type of guy that gets over it very fast. We spend very little time watching that tape, making the necessary corrections, then we're right on to the next opponent. That was the beauty of a Monday night, having a day and then we're right back into practice yesterday. He's the kind of guy that can push it to the side, learn from it, and get on to the next opponent. That's the best thing for all of us, to move on to the next opponent, get back out on the practice field, correct our mistakes and put ourselves in good situations."

Pederson spoke about the development of Chris Conley from rookie receiver to taking first-team snaps with Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant in the second half against Green Bay.

"He's the type of kid where the more opportunities he gets to play—a snap here, a snap there, maybe a series or two—he's such a smart kid, he's like a sponge. He's just absorbing all the information we're giving him and he's done a really good job when he's in there. He's a guy that we continue to give him a couple reps here and there."

The second half also saw success in the no-huddle offense against the Packers defense. Pederson touched upon the Chiefs offense finding their rhythm through the strategy.

"Well, you never want to get down two scores, three scores in football games, but when you do, you typically jump right into your two-minute offense and most teams go into their hurry-up stuff. It's usually plays that you've spent a lot of time and you've spent some, you know, exhausted a lot of hours running in practice. It's the things that guys know and those are the type of plays. They're usually three-step drop plays and the ball is out of your hand and you're kind of cutting the field in half. You do that to get your quarterback and really, your offense, into a rhythm, kind of calm and settle them down and obviously it worked there for us in the second half."

Defensive coordinator Bob Sutton spoke on how the Chiefs defense can improve their tackling against 'big, strong backs' and slow a team's run game.

"Don't let the ball carrier get a head of steam, that's the first and foremost thing I think. You don't want a guy into your second level that quick and that clean. It really starts upfront, counting (defensive line), linebackers, (defensive backs) that are involved and building a wall, making it difficult for the runner to find his crack - slow him down a little bit and that type of thing."

Heading into Week 4, Sutton also touched upon the challenge the defense faces this week in the Bengals offense and backs Jeremy Hill and Giovanni Bernard.

"They're the second-best offense in the NFL, I think the number one passing offense, they've got two good running backs – different style guys, but two that are really good. (Jeremy Hill)'s kind of like the guys we just saw from a physical standpoint in there. And they're talented on the outside so it's one of those things where you're not going to load the box because of how they're built on the outside. And then I think Andy Dalton is playing really well for them, so it's going to be the same kind of challenge really."

Sutton talked about facing some of the NFL's best play makers and the task of facing Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Andy Dalton in a three-week stretch.

"I think those guys are all playing – we all know Peyton and that, Aaron's playing at a really high level like we talked about last week. I think Andy Dalton is probably playing the best football he's played. He's very efficient, not turning the ball over. He's done a great job in these first three games here for them. It's a good job, they're surrounded by some really good players. Like you mentioned, Cincy has really good balance from the running game, to tight ends, to wide receivers, to backs as far as being involved in the passing game. They demand a lot of things from you and it's hard to say 'hey, if we can just take this away, we're in good shape.' We have to take away a lot of things in this game to do a good job on defense."

Sutton spoke about the preparedness of cornerback Sean Smith who will resume his position after an injury to Phillip Gaines. Smith will immediately step in to defend the duo of tough Bengals wide receivers A.J. Green and Mohamed Sanu, and tight end Tyler Eifert.

"I think since the time he's come here. And I'm speaking specifically as a player here, learning the system, learning what we want to do, how to play, how to share that knowledge with some of the younger guys and that type of thing. I think Sean's done a really good job of that. We have to count that he's going to come back pretty fast here this week without a lot of practice time. I think he'll be fine."

Special teams Coordinator Dave Toub spoke about the reason behind the high number of touchbacks this season and showing off kicker Cairo Santos leg strength.

"Guys are getting stronger and stronger, players develop – that's just the way it is. It's kind of the norm now, really, if you can't kick a touchback and you're a kicker in the NFL, you're probably not going to be in the NFL very long. That's just the way it looks."

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