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RB Jamaal Charles Spoke at the Special Olympics Saturday Night

The Chiefs running back spoke at the 2015 opening ceremony

Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles, alum of the Special Olympics, spoke at the 2015 opening ceremony on Saturday night.

Watch the speech here:

Here is the full transcript:

*"I've been asked to talk about courage. But [I can't talk about courage] without talking about fear. Before I had the chance to be an All-American running back at Port Arthur High School in Texas, before I had the chance of winning a national championship at the University of Texas and attaining academic honors, before I had the chance to become a professional athlete All-Pro running back in the NFL for the Kansas City Chiefs, before all those wonderful moments, I was afraid. I was lost. *

*"When I was a boy, I had trouble reading. I found out I had a learning disability. People made fun of me. They said I would never go anywhere. But I learned I can fly. *

*"When I was 10 years old, I had a chance to compete in the Special Olympics. That's right; the Special Olympics gave me my first chance to discover the talent I did not know I had. When I competed in the Special Olympics, I found out just how fast I was. I stood high on the podium, getting the gold medal in track and field. And when I found out how fast I was, I was blessed with a new company. The company turned to courage, the courage [to be] the best I can be every day. Now, once again I am proud to take the athlete oath in the part of every Special Olympics. *

"My fellow athletes, those here with me on stage and those thousands in front of me around the world, I invite you to say the oath with me. 'Let me win. But if I can not win let me be brave in attempt.'"

Charles elaborated on the experience and what the Special Olympics have meant to him on his own website here:

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