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Red Coaters Featured in the Kansas City Star

The long-time Chiefs organization was featured in Kansas City’s most read newspaper


The Kansas City Red Coaters are a community-service organization comprised of business men and women, working professionals and individuals who are passionate about their Kansas City Chiefs and have the opportunity to give back to the city, surrounding area's and the region.

On Wednesday, the Red Coaters were featured in the Kansas City Star.

"About 55 Red Coaters enter the tunnel inside the stadium 20 minutes before game time," said Ruth Baum Bigus. "Lined up single file along the wall, Red Coaters head captain Sandy Bentch and stadium team captain Ralph Garvin make sure they are ready to enter the stadium. As they line up on the visiting team sideline, some of the Red Coaters pick up their Chiefs-colored flags and position themselves to walk onto the field. With music blaring, fans cheering and fireworks rocketing overhead, the Red Coaters take the field for the players to run by them."

To read the full piece, click here.

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