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Reflections on John Dorsey's Combine Presser

An inside perspective on today's addressed questions


Chiefs general manager John Dorsey approached the podium with a quiet confidence on Friday, addressing the NFL Combine media.

During his press conference, Dorsey addressed many topics, including selecting the 'best player available' with this year's top pick and a few other hot-topic issues. I've listed the questions below, followed by Dorsey's answers, as well as my perspective.

Do you plan to meet with LT Branden Albert's representatives?

"As you well know, he (Albert) is one of a few free agents that we have that we've been in on-going communication with his representatives. It will be an ongoing communication with his representatives and as we get into free agency, we will see where that is."

Insider Take: Dorsey is clearly focused on the present, being in Indianapolis, as the general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs and working in the now, to find the best picks available to join the Chiefs 2013 roster.

Will WR Dwayne Bowe play for the Chiefs next year?

"Again, it has been an ongoing communication with his representatives. We've had those discussions for the last couple weeks. We will continue to have those conversations as we get to free agency."

Insider Take: It's been said before, marriages end often times because of a failure to communicate. That being said, Chiefs fans should know that Dorsey and company are communicating with Bowe's people and that's a good place to start, in search of the best resolution.

Do you see this next year as a rebuilding phase in Kansas City?

"I think anytime there is turnover with an organization and there is a new regime, there is going to be turnover, but as you all know, the process is ongoing. We are still evaluating, in process mode. As we get closer to certain timelines within this thing, we will make decisions and we will move the team forward."

Insider Take: Regardless of the current "condition" of the Chiefs and whether or not they're rebuilding, etc., is not nearly as important as identifying the leaders, who will take the team where it wants to go. Chiefs chairman and CEO Clark Hunt found such franchise changers, in John Dorsey and head coach Andy Reid.

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