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Sean McGrath: The Man Behind the Beard

The Chiefs TE describes his first TD, the Arrowhead crowd and the beard

What a day for the Kansas City Chiefs, who moved to 4-0, following a 31-7 victory at Arrowhead on Sunday.

One of the many key players involved in the team's fourth-straight win yesterday was Chiefs TE Sean McGrath, who finished the day with five receptions, for a team-high 64 yards, and one score, his first in the NFL.

McGrath, rocking his ever-popular beard, took time to answer questions, letting fans know more about the former Henderson State Reddie.

What was the first thought that went through your mind, after you received the call from the Chiefs?

"Better pack my stuff up! I was at my house in Seattle; I'm glad I'm back in the Midwest, because I'm from the Chicago area, so, it's good to be back in the general vicinity, where my family is closer and everything.

What's your time been like here, with your new teammates?

"It's been all love. This is a great organization, great teammates and they do everything they can to make you feel comfortable and the more comfortable you are, the better you play."

What's it like playing for Chiefs head coach Andy Reid?

"We're going to work to win; that's what I have taken as the central theme of this program. Guys are coming in and we're hungry; we want to win and you can see where that gets us."

How long are you going to grow the beard?

"I'm going to keep on rocking it, at least until February."

Describe Alex Smith.

"Alex is a great quarterback. He spreads the ball out and as a tight end, you're looking for a guy that does that, because you get the pill a little bit more. He goes through his progressions and the great thing about Alex is, he's going to hit the open guy, no matter who it is. From what I've seen, he doesn't have a specific target, before the play is already called; he's going to make his reads and he's going to throw to the open man."

How long have you been waiting for your first NFL touchdown?

"A long time. It feels good, but it all starts up-front; the o-line did a great job protecting Alex (Smith). It's a great team win."

How much fun are you having during this whirlwind?

"Are you kidding me, we play a game for a living, how could you not have fun? This is what we do. We come out here and try to perfect our craft, every single day and every practice. We just want to be as prepared as we can to face an opponent, the next week."

How much fun is this for the entire team?

"Our defense continues to get turnovers, that's their M.O., that's what they do. Special teams – Dex (Dexter McCluster) took that thing to the crib. You could feel the swing, Chiefs Kingdom was in it, all the time, and my ears are still ringing. It's great to have a great fan base, it's all about business, but (we're) having fun. How could you not have fun?"


Favorite Music:

"I like rap, but I dabble into classic rock."

Favorite Meal:

"The good old-fashioned skillet for breakfast, with home-fried potatoes, eggs on top, some veggies and meats, depending on the day."

Favorite Movie:

"Billy Madison"

What can Chiefs fans expect from Sean McGrath?

"I'm going to go out there and play my tail off, giving it 100%, no matter what I'm doing, blocking, pass protecting or catching the ball; you'll see a lot of that."

Describe the Arrowhead crowd.

"It's live, man! Chiefs Kingdom is rocking it; so, I'm hoping to see more great things over there, this year."

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